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Tips for Buying a Tufted Sofa

The history of Tufting

Tufting is a popular upholstery design that began as a solution to an 18th-century hitch. Furniture makers endeavored to come up with ways to add more padding to cushions, but the padding was shifting and creating lumps. One person came up with an idea to sew through the pillow to hold the padding tight. The result of fabric raised in patterns became known as tufts. The button was added to keep the thread in place and as a decorative feature.

old Tufted sofa
Old Tufted Sofa

Trends in Tufting

Trends in interior design are continually changing for the better. Sometimes we look back in, and some past interior design fashion trends seem horrendous now.

However, one style that doesn’t seem to get old is the tufted sofa. It has been there in the past. It’s now updated to a fresh new look giving it a timeless effect.

With a tufted sofa set in your living room, you will be sure to give your home a contemporary look yet with a classic touch.

What is a tufted sofa?

A tufted sofa has the upholstery pulled and folded into a geometric pattern and secured by buttons on the cushions, giving off a buttoned-up look.

Some tufted sofas are relatively simple such as those on tilt sofa beds with minimal folding. The lines are principally created by the seams between the fabric pieces sewn together to form the larger pillow cushion.

What is a tufted sofa

Other forms of tufted upholstery include much deeper folds and intricate patterns. The most popular design is the diamond-shaped tuft in which the lines cross between the buttons making the impression of a diamond shape.

You can use this upholstery design on a tufted leather sofa, tufted sectional sofa, or velvet tufted sofa.

Are tufted sofas in style?

No matter what new furniture and upholstery trends come into fashion, the tufted sofa will not go out of style.

Tips for buying a tufted Sofa

The tufting patterns in the modern-day are quite different from those of the heydays. To get the new gist, go for contrasting buttons or welting.

A welt is a decorative ridge around a cushion usually filled with a thin cord to keep its form.

A welt may be made of the same fabric as the sofa or a completely different fabric and color for an aesthetic, elegant look.

A welt cord is a fabric-covered rope covering the seam of a sofa cushion giving the hair a more finished tailored look.

There are two types of welts. A self-welt is cut out of the same material as the sofa. A contrasting welt is cut out of a different material to create a chic effect.

There are options of tufted sofas to choose from, such as tufted leather sofa, tufted sectional sofa, and velvet tufted sofa.

Tufted Leather Sofa

Some people adore leather sofas, while others recoil at the thought of it. If looks are to go by, a tufted-leather sofa oozes luxury and style.

You will need to be keen in choosing the type of leather as genuine leather fabrics are not all the same. If you sit on a leather sofa and it makes you feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer, this is not the kind of leather you want.

Tufted Leather Sofa
Tufted Leather Sofa

Some genuine leather will easily scratch and come off with little effort, but genuine high-end leather is far more durable. Insist on high-end leather for durability.

A tufted leather sofa will last four times as long as faux material and fabric sofas.

A tufted leather sofa is not as high maintenance as one would think. You need to use mild soap and water for a clean, and use leather cream once every few months to keep your leather top quality.

Any scratches on good leather can be obscured using a leather polish. In case of spillage, you have to wipe with a soft cloth. The good thing about this kind of leather is that it does not stain, and it doesn’t absorb smells like other fabrics.

Tufted leather sofas are ideal for families, offices, lounges, and even hotels. They are pet friendly too. 

A tufted leather sofa tends to feel firmer than fabric sofas.

The biggest downside to purchasing a leather seat is that it may be pricey, although it is value for money.

You also need to know that a tufted leather seat does not have various colors and patterns.

Tufted Sectional Sofa

A tufted sectional sofa is all the rage these days. These are pieces of the upholstered furniture that consist of two or more joined sections for sitting. Classic sofas are generally made with seating space for two or three people.

Tufted sectional sofas are a conventional game changer. They have multiple independent seat pieces that can be arranged in different ways. This type of sofa is versatile, making it familiar in the standard living room nowadays.

Tufted Sectional Sofa
Tufted Sectional Sofa

These sofas typically come with a seat cushion and a back cushion and vary in shape. The most common shape is the L- shape seat.

You have to consider your room layout and size before purchasing a sectional sofa.

You can enjoy a wide variety of colors and tuft patterns with this type of sofa.

It is also easier to move the seats as they are in pieces compared to the ordinary sofa that is in one piece and not versatile when moving.

The sectional sofa may come in top range leather, blended fiber, or other natural fabrics.

These sofas are adaptable to many settings such as high traffic rooms, enclosed porches, family rooms, or studio apartments.

They also come with retractable footrests and storage pockets ideal for remote control and magazines.

Velvet Tufted Sofa

If your heart desires a velvet sofa, the good news is that these are still trending. A velvet tufted sofa is something to behold, and the colors are rich and exciting.

The only new thing is that the warmer the fabric’s color, the more trending it is than the cool colors used in the past years.

Velvet Tufted Sofa
Velvet Tufted Sofa

If a velvet sofa is well taken care of, it will last years and will give you the much appreciated service you deserve for the investment.

Velvet material does not have raised weaves or loose threads. Because of its flat pile, the velvet will last longer than other materials.

Synthetic velvet, like high-quality polyester, is less likely to get stained, crushed, or fade. This makes it highly durable and suitable for family living or the guest lounge in your office.

What’s more, is that any dirt or pet hairs should fall away from the fabric.

Keep water and liquids off your velvet tufted sofa as they tend to soak up fast and can damage your fabric. Hard water causes considerable because of the mineral deposits it can leave on your fabric.

It is good to note that a sofa with 100% cotton velvet may feel soft and inviting to the touch. However, they do not last long because the fabric is sensitive to heat and may flake up. It is also not easy to remove stains.

A synthetic velvet tufted sofa is the best option. It has aesthetic beauty, is not delicate, and will last for years.


Tufted sofas are items to behold. They are beautiful and stylish, and if well built, they will last a lifetime.

An added benefit of these sofas is that they will hardly sag as the fabric is reinforced within the tufts. 

They also come with ottomans and coffee tables to give a matching look.


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