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Tips For Buying An End Table

Whenever you aim to renovate or modernize your room, set the seal. Every bit in that room adds a great deal of passion and elegance, whether through wallpaper, decoration pieces, or furniture. As far as living space furniture is concerned, we often think of a bed, sofa, dressing table, and console table while finalizing the layout. But where do these unsung heroes of the bedroom end tables stand?


In ancient days, people used to decorate their entryway and living space with sets of furniture pieces that don’t even complement each other.  Luckily, today we have enough knowledge about decorating our living area with well-designed and aesthetic furniture pieces that connect each other. Today people counterbalance their space with the elements that are unpredictable and charming that complement each other. But it is challenging to choose ideal decorative pieces that increase the functionality and welcoming atmosphere of the room. It’s even more complicated when dealing with smaller household furnishings like end tables.

End tables might seem useless. They offer chic counter space to present your precious decoration pieces and add stylish statement and practicality to your space. Here are some tips for buying an end table that will enhance the functionality of your area.


End tables play an essential role in enhancing the beauty of any tight and empty space in your living area. But the end table works best if you get the right shape. Firstly, figure out where you want to place it in your space. Usually, end tables are placed opposite the couch that is the perfect place to rest a cup of tea while sitting.  Keeping that in mind, measure the breathing space on either side of the sofa so that you don’t end up purchasing an end table that won’t even fit your desired area.


Height of end table matters! Consider the height of the sofa while purchasing the end table. An ideal end table should be two or three inches below the couch or equal to the couch arm.  For instance, if the couch height is 26-28 inches, choose an end table with a height of 20-24 inches.

For a corner end table, you should aim for a square table. If you are renovating your living room, create interest by mixing table shapes that complement each other. Like if you have a round coffee table, place a rectangular end table for contradicting.


There may be many styles to choose from, but some people get afraid of choosing one. What if they choose wrong? There’s nothing to worry about as style exhibits one’s taste and interest. It can be challenging to choose the best style end table of your taste. We have listed a few end table styles below:

  • Traditional style:

These luxurious and lavish tables are based on the fashion of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They have a formal appearance and have ornate detailing and sumptuous finishes on rich wood. They are characterized by intricate detailing like bandy-legged, moldings, and inlaid tops. Furnish your room with a traditional style end table to increase its elegance and charm. For creating a welcome and pleasing atmosphere, this style might be a good match.

  • Transitional style:

The transitional style is not as lavish as traditional and not as unpretentious as contemporary. It is a storage end table  storage with functional features of drawers and shelves. It has a casual look with simple lines and forms. They are an ideal option for furnishing themes.

Transitional End Table
Transitional End Table
  • Contemporary style:

If you are looking for something that can add a sleek feel to your room, a contemporary style table is for you. They have minimum ornamentation with clean lines on lighter wood with rounded corners. For casual touch, contemporary style tables are usually made up of glass, lucite, metal, or wood.

Contemporary end tables
Contemporary end table
  • Modern style:

Modern and contemporary styles are often considered the same, but they dissimilarities. The modern style came out in the late twentieth century and is usually considered cold and blunt. They emphasize minimal decorative details, geometric forms and reflect the architectural trends.

Modern End Table
Modern End Table

End table types:

An end table can be a multipurpose table, depending upon your needs.

Decide for what purpose you want an end table. If you wish to place it opposite your sofa or in place of the coffee table? We will help you choose a table according to your taste and need.

  • Storage End Tables:

If your living space is always stumbled with toys, then storage end tables are for you. They are so convenient and handy in storing your remote, magazine, and books. They include drawers, racks, or cubbyholes that allow you to be organized and keeps the room uncluttered.

end-table with storage
  • Nesting end tables:

Nesting tables are designed for furnishing small spaces. They are in the form of groups layer up with decorative pieces or lamps. They can be placed anywhere in the room, be it be center or corner of the room. This multipurpose table can be used as a food serving table or a TV table.

Nesting end table

End Table Materials:

When it comes to buying an end table, always consider its material. Like other tables, end tables also come in different materials. A few of them are listed below:

  • Metal:

The metal used for making the end table is typically iron, steel, alloys, and aluminum is sleek and versatile to suit your space. Typically, metal end tables have a glass top or wood top that makes them durable and reliable.

  • Glass:

Generally, the top of many end tables is made up of glass that looks charming, versatile, and classic. Never anticipate the decorative items placed on your glass end table because they enhance the room. To avoid any incident, prefer a tampered glass end table over standard glass.

  • Wood:

  Accessorize your favorite area of the room with an elegant wood end table. Wood end tables are timeless and contemporary to décor any space. These tables come in three different varieties: solid wood,  wood veneer, and engineered wood. Solid wood is popular, everlasting, and luxurious choice for your living area. On the other hand, engineered wood and wood veneer are budget-friendly options.

End tables made up of wood are likely to have drawers, shelves, and storage space.

Now that you have enough knowledge about what you need to know before picking an end table. Buy our extensive range of end tables.


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