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Tips For Buying A Fainting Couch

Before buying a fainting couch, put some thoughts into it and gather some knowledge about the fainting couch. Some people confuse it with the chaise lounge.

What is a Fainting Couch?

A fainting couch is a historic-style lounge with its single backrest extended traditionally. Like a traditional sofa, it may raise at the back of the couch from one side or maybe enfolding the entire sofa back. The term fainting couch was first utilized in the 19th century.

There is a myth about the history of the fainting couch that gained recognition in the Victorian era. They claim that in the past when women sense faint because of wearing tight corsets, they relax on this couch. While in fact, women in ancient times used it as a daybed for napping and reading. Also, there were fainting rooms in the Victorian era.

A fainting room was a personal area, specially designed for women, whose primary furniture enclosed a fainting couch. They used them to make ladies more open to the home remedy of female hysteria during the Victorian time. They used these rooms for more protection during home treatment pelvic back rubs.

So, let’s go to our tips😉.

Fainting couches are available in different types and styles depending upon their origin; for instance, Turkish fainting couches, modern fainting couches, antique fainting couches, leather fainting couches.

Before purchasing these couches, consider a few points like whether it is comfortable to sit, durable, and complements the furniture and wallpaper of the room or not? Here we have discussed a few tips for buying a fainting couch:


First, consider a fainting sofa with an enduring framework to increase its longevity. Choose a sofa with a basic frame of couch of hardwood or steel to make it reliable. It might be expensive. As long as durability is concerned, timber wood couches are undoubtedly the best. Softwood is a plastic sofa that is more likely to break or expire over some time. The sofa with sculpted designs in the lower area of the chair looks old-fashioned and fascinating. They play a vital role in giving a vintage finishing touch to the living den.


If there are kids at home, then cleaning the settee is difficult. But a clean sofa is essential to get a guest-ready fainting couch with smooth upholstery. Good upholstery is kid-friendly and guarantees the couch to stay for decades. They so nicely weave that they least exposed to be torn by cat claws.

As far as fabric is concerned, natural and synthetic fiber upholstery are cost-effective, comfortable, and have different bold patterns. But the difficulty is, they require regular cleanings. And fabric upholstery does not look lavish and quickly fade when exposed to sunlight.

While other upholstery like cotton, leather, linen, and silk are warm, reliable, and gives a chic, sophisticated view. However, the leather fainting couch is luxurious and durable. It complements any room decor, and it requires special care. Clean it with an exceptional quality conditioner annually.

Fainting Couch Style according to home decor:

Since a fainting couch makes most of the room décor, which couch style you chose and where you put the couch in the room tells a lot about your style and personal taste, so look for a couch style that will enhance your existing décor. To keep your style consistent, purchase a fainting couch that compliments your interior and furniture.

As far as style is concerned, different people have different tastes. Some people want their space to give some aesthetic vibe, while some people appreciate elegant antique designs.

Let’s have a look at various designs of antique fainting couch:

  • Victorian fainting couch:

As the name suggests, they name the Victorian fainting couch, after the name of great Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 to 1901. These are some of the most ancient fainting couches used for pelvic massage and comfort in the past. These traditional looking couch can an elegant old-world feel to your favorite space. Its charming style centers on embellished details with etched plans in the base and woodwork and lavish upholstery with fine wraps-up.

Victorian fainting couch

This extraordinary detailing makes it expensive over other fainting couch. It is worth buying, as the style and framework of the couch are durable.

Blue Upholstered Victorian fainting couch
Blue Upholstered Victorian fainting couch
  • Recamier fainting couch:

The Recamier is a lighter daybed or an occasionally revealing sofa with a high bent headrest and low or absent footrest. This couch made up of ancient Greek and Roman pieces looks attractive in the room works as a relaxing chair for three people or a daybed for napping and reading. The principal styles of the récamier were bare-backed. Later forms merged a sort of half-back.

Recamier fainting couch
Recamier fainting couch
  • Turkish Fainting couch:

Like a Victorian fainting couch, the Turkish couch also reflects a classical vintage touch with its extraordinarily unique sculpture, ornate and unusual designs. These couches contain a shock-absorbing coil-spring feature, making an ordinary daybed more comfortable and plush. Over time, it has gradually become to look more opulent with its tufted upholstery and tassels.

Turkish Fainting couch
Turkish Fainting couch

Try before you buy:

What you generally expect from a new fainting couch is comfort. Always do a sitting test while buying a fainting couch to check its longevity and comfort. The quality of springs used in fabrications and the durability of the fabric decides whether it is comfortable. Comfort lies in the fact whether it is supportive to last long or it will sag over time.

Never forget to measure:

There is terrible nothing other than purchasing a furniture piece that doesn’t find a way into your living room. Before doing anything, measure the area where you are going to place your expensive couch. To avoid any future inconvenienced is important to keep in mind all the dimensions, like length, width, and depth.

Focus on the couch’s depth if you’re purchasing for a more modest room, as the profundity of the seat infrequently transforms from the more significant to more modest size couches. Keep the height of the couch in consideration, especially if your room has racks or space heaters.

Color and Pattern:

It is challenging to decide which color fainting couch will work well in your lovely room. Since almost every fainting couch is made of wood, it is no surprise that Brown is one of the standard colors. If you like all whites’ cool color patterns, then stick to some neutral color couch.

For a predominantly dark décor palette, a black or dark brown couch will never fail to give a contemporary and sophisticated look. While a mushroom, beige, and cream color fainting couch for a warmer furnishing design.

Where can I buy Fainting couches?

If you have been searching for the best quality vintage fainting couch, google it. Original spot to purchase a voguish Victorian fainting couch is probably available at eBay, Wayfair, and Amazon.


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