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Tips For Choosing Mid-century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture is a comfortable and modern choice to furnish or redecorate your house’s interior space. To make the best use of this furniture, first, you have to know the mid-century modern movement’s characteristics.

History of Mid-century Modern Furniture

This significant movement originated in the United States. It started in the 1930s using different movements such as the Bauhaus Movement and artists’ contributions from other countries such as Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, etc.

Mid-century Modern Furniture-History

Artists and architects from other countries have played a significant role in the development of this movement. For example, Arne Emil Jacobsen, the Danish architect, is an important form of architectural functionalism and is widely admired for his mid-century modern movement contributions.

Colors are also influential elements in furnishing your house. To have a mid-century modern home, though there’s a wide range of colors that you can use, one of the best options are bright colors.

In this article, we will give you some tips for choosing the mid-century modern furniture that suits your (place, living room) best.

Mid-century modern sofa

A mid-century modern sofa determines how your mid-century modern living room will look, especially if there is more than one piece of it. If you want a stylish living room, a low height sofa is the right choice because of its style. A low-profile sofa is more comfortable and can be easily used by people of different ages.

What is a Mid-century-modern-sofa

Different sorts of pale and bright colors are distinctive features of mid-century modern design, particularly when combined with a neutral background. This can be an excellent choice to consider for anybody who wants to have a mid-century modern sofa in their living room.

Geometric shapes are another essential and representative aspect of mid-century modern furniture, especially in sofas. For instance, cubic sofas are one of the most common pieces of furniture that you can find.

Mid-century modern chair

Mid-century modern chairs were presented with new options. One of the main characteristics of these chairs is that they are simply straightforward. Being effectively practical, the consumers finally got rid of those heavy bulks of upholstery.


An outstanding figure of this movement was the Danish architect, Arne Emil Jacobsen, who designed and manufactured many inspirational works such as The Swan, The Drop, The Egg, etc.

Let us take his famous work The Swan. The seller describes it as (in this way): “The design contains no straight lines, making it look organic and soft despite its simplicity and strong architectural appeal.”    

Another good example is the award-winning Eames Loung Chair Wood. However, it was first designed decades ago. It has later been updated to a new version (The Lounge Chair), which contains leather layers. It is still one of the best representations of Mid-century modern design. The chair tends to be cozier and more comfortable for most people because of its low height than the traditional sort of chairs used back then.

 There were new technics to shape the wood during the mid-century modern movement. Wooden pieces were used to a great extent and in new forms, such as plywood, which let them be more stable and resistant.

Mid-century modern bedroom

A mid-century modern bedroom is an ideal choice for someone who wants a taste of modernism in their personal life.

There is still a lot of creativity that it offers during the mid-century years. One’s expectation of a mid-century modern bedroom is indeed a lot of wooden furniture filling the bedroom. Still, it doesn’t end here, and under people’s interests and priorities, they can pick the style that goes with their preferences.


One good style of mid-century modern bedroom is an open room decorated with compact furniture along with usage of an adequate amount of furniture. Also, neutral colors in the background followed by some noticeable bright-colored furniture is a great addition. Or the other way around, if you want a more exciting mid-century modern style, the use of spunky patterns would be a good recommendation.

There are a few objects that seem necessary for any mid-century modern bedroom:


when it comes to the bed, like other MCM furniture, you have numerous options. The beds are of different colors like beige, gray, and various types; they can have tapered legs or even angled legs, which gives them a modern and stylish look. You can also go with paneled beds, which can have a luxurious veneer of walnut or oak.


Bedside table

No doubt that your bed is the major piece of furniture in your bedroom, but the role of a fitting nightstand cannot be denied. The best advantage of a bedside table is that though it is usually quite economical if appropriately used, it will make your room fairly stylish.

Mid-century modern Bedside table

Mid-century modern coffee table

The mid-century modern coffee table is one of the essential elements of a mid-century modern living room. One of the main benefits of a mid-century modern coffee table is its ability to match other furniture, whether they are of the same era or not. Choosing the right coffee table is quite important. One of the first things that people see after their entrance is your coffee table.

Mid-century coffee table

Another main feature of a mid-century modern coffee table is its simplicity, ranging from its whole design to even the wooden coffee table cuts.

One of the main targets of all the mid-century modern furniture, including MCM coffee tables, just as a mid-century modern sofa, is user-friendly. As a result, their height is set low, so that it suits everybody.

The size matters to a large extent. Bigger rooms surely need bigger coffee tables, but what you should keep in mind is the elegance of a moderate-sized coffee table.

Many vintage coffee tables may seem appealing choices. Still, once you get to know your desires, there are more suitable choices, no matter if they are entirely wooden or not. For example, Isamu Noguchi’s “Noguchi Style Table” and “Noguchi Rudder Table” are appealing choices. They are using asymmetrical shapes that, after many years, are still innovative, accompanying glass or veneer tops.


As a result of modernism, one of the main goals of mid-century modern furniture is to be practical and, at the same time, convenient. The MCM furniture pieces can be friendly and suitable for everyone. Moreover, because of the increase in urbanization and the shortage of people’s access to the environment, MCM furniture’s important objective is to convey a sense of naturalness in people’s everyday life.


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