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10 Best Couch Cushion Covers To Buy In 2021

Are you tired of your dull and old-fashioned cushion covers? Do you want to replace the old, bored, and worn covers or buy new ones? Are you tired of buying a large number of cushion covers but still not satisfied? Is it hard for you to find the best model for cushion covers that covers your cushion and protect and keep your pillows clean? So you come to the right place.

This article will tell you about the top 10 couch cushion covers to buy and how to decorate them. This article will help you save your time from the trouble of going through multiple products available in the market.

Couch cushion covers have remained as one of the most popular home accessories for home décor. The popularity of couch cushion cover is attributed to various benefits. By having the best cushion covers, you will be able to protect your couch from spills, dust, pet hair, and another type of messes.

Couch cushion covers also help to protect from stains and keep your cushions look clean. There are many couch cushion covers to choose from because these covers come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. In the market, it is hard for you to find the best cover model that suits your needs or quality and home décor.

Here is the list of the best cushion covers that will make it easy for you to decide which one you should buy.

1) Chiara Rose Cushion Slipcover

Chiara Rose Couch Covers for Dogs
Sofa Cushion Slipcover

Chiara Rose slipcovers are made from high-quality microfiber fabric that protects your furniture from dirt and spills. These covers are fitted to cushions. It has a pretty soft texture suitable for leather couch covers and all kinds of couch covers.

Chiara Rose cover is an easily washable couch protector cover. Its fabric has much elasticity so that it fits the cushion covers easily. If you are searching for an elegant cushion cover, it is the perfect cover.


Size: couch cushion

Material: plastic

Brand: Chiara rose

Color: Chocolate brown

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Stylish design giving the luxurious decoration


Perfect coverage for pet and kid messes


  • Slip-resistant technology
  • Its fabric is comfortable and durable


  • It has no zipper

2) Rainbow kilim cushion cover

handmade pillow
rainbow kilim pillow

This rainbow kilim cushion cover comes in separate pieces. It offers you to use a variety of sized couch cushions without any problems. These are constructed using a rigid soft construction that will not take the peaceful feeling you love. It gives all-around protection for dust, stains, and other different messes from kids or children. Besides covering cushions, it comes in a stylish and modern design that gives your living room elegance and makes it colorful.

This rainbow cushion cover is perfect for protecting cushions from stains, spills, wearing, and tearing to prevent them from getting ruined. It is economical and great for homes with pets or children.


Cover Material: wool, cotton

Length:36 inches

Fill material: Foam, feathers, microbeads, polyester.

Brand: kilim

Fabric: cotton, wool

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Adds elegancy to home

Universal couch cushion cover


  • This couch cushion cover has soft and breathable cotton material.
  • It has non slip design and looks very elegant.


  • After washing with a bleach-like substance, this couch cushion cover fades.

3) H.Versailtex couch cushion cover

Grey Sofa Covers
Grey couch cushion cover

This H. Versailtex grey cushion cover will protect your cushion from pet stains and hairs. This cover will save you of effort and time that you have to spend on cleaning your home. This cushion cover is constructed with a 3-piece style which includes one base cover and three cushion covers. This cover is made with soft jacquard fabric with a high quality of Lycra. Another feature of this cushion cover is that it can be tumble dry. Moreover, this cover comes in stylish and innovative styles that will enhance your living room’s look


Brand: H.Versailtex

Color: Grey

Material: jacquard knitted fabric

Product care: tumble dry

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

85% polyester and 15% spandex


  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Durable and soft.
  • This couch cushion cover is best for fabric cushions.
  • Saves the covers without any reupholstery.
  • Has a thick and soft jacquard fabric


  • This couch cushion cover is not best for leather-type material.

4) Subrtex Cushion Sofa Slipcover:

Astoria Textured Grid Soft Stretchy Individual Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover

This Astoria textured grid soft, stretchy cushion cover is one of the best brands that offer unique sofa and cushion cover models that will stand out. This Astoria brand loves to share excitement and passion for every piece of furniture in your homes by offering you high-quality products and timeless designs.

This couch cushion cover is crafted and made from durable materials. Due to this durability, it offers excellent protection. This cushion cover also comes with beautiful colors and comfortable feels that will give an ordinary look to an old couch cushion cover. It will make the old surface modern and give it an attractive look. This couch cushion cover is available in various materials, and it is a perfect fit for your living room because it is made with soft and comfortable fabrics.

The fabric of this cushion cover has excellent elasticity that fits more than 90% of the cushions.


Fabric type: 85% polyester and 15% spandex

Durability: Stain resistant, fade resistant, mildew resistant

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Care: machine washable

Pet friendly: yes

Attachment type: elastic

Print: solid


  • This Astoria couch cushion cover is easy to clean.
  • It is comfortable and stains resistance that gives you extra quality.
  • It is very cheap and soft.
  • Its machine washability makes it extraordinarily attractive.
  • Another advantage of this cover is its elasticity.


  • It gets dull when washed with bleach.

5) MERNETTE Cushion Covers

MERNETTE Cushion Covers

Besides using this Mernette cover as a couch cushion cover, you can also use these covers in various ways, including a mat, floor, and rugs. It can be used as a protector for cushion covers. This cover offers decent protection from kids’ and pets’ mess and damages. Unlike the soft surfaces that make your living room boring, old-fashioned, and tired, this cover is available in beautiful colors that add a stylish look to your couch cushion.

Besides, this cover is an easy-to-clean unit that allows you to keep your house spotless.


Zipper: Invisible zipper is present on both sides

Material: Velvet

Brand: Mernette

Fabric: Fade-resistant and shrink resistant

Color: pink and various colors

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars


  • This couch cushion cover is durable and super soft.
  • It is a budget-friendly cover as it is very cheap to buy
  • This cover is super soft.
  • It is also machine washable that increases its quality.


  • If you iron this soft couch cushion cover, it will ultimately damage.

6) MAYTEX Pixel Ultra Soft Stretch Cushion Cover

MAYTEX Sofa Slipcover, Sand
MAYTEX Stretch Cushion Cover

It is noted that regardless of how many times you vacuum your home, you will always see that pet messes, dust, and damage will make your beautiful couches and their covers dull within a short period. Instead of purchasing a new sofa, you can update or change the covering with this classy cushion cover.

Unlike the other models, these covers are crafted from a stretchable fabric with a textured mini dot design, which will conform to the shape of your couch cushion. This cover features a two-piece construction that combines inbuilt elastic corners and custom fits. It will allow you to remove the dust and tuck it in within minutes. It is a lightweight stretchable fabric that has some mini dot design contours, and it easily fits without the struggle of tucking.


Material: Polyester

Washable: Machine washable

Color: various color, including chocolate brown

Manufacturer: Maytex

Brand: Maytex

Fabric: stretchable

Weight: lightweight


  • This Maytex cover has premium quality fabric.
  • It looks easy, simple, and elegant.
  • It is machine washable that increases its life.
  • It has a lot of versatile functionality.


  • It has not many cons. The only thing is that this cover is a little bit expensive.

7) Chelzen stretch Polyester cushion covers

Chelzen Stretch Sofa Covers

This couch cushion cover offers you a very soft finish and stylish exterior that will give your sofa a modern appeal. We all love the elastic properties that allow this cover to fit most sofa cushion covers. This cover is made of a very thick fabric that will offer you adequate protection from dust, stain, and as well as other damages.

In addition to these things, this cushion cover will not eliminate the fluffy and soft feel of your couch. Instead, it will add more bounce and soft feeling allowing you to sit very comfortably and relax. Its key features include its quality construction, machine washable. It is provided in a variety of colors. It’s one size fits almost all the materials of cushions.


Color: Light gray

Brand: Chelzen

Weight: 1.32 pounds

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Fabric type: 95% polyester and 5% spandex

Material: Polyester and polyester blend

It is a high stretch dense fabric.

It is environment friendly, having beautiful prints and dyes.

Breathable, long-lasting, and not fading


  • It has high stretch fabric with solid tensile force and more adjustability.
  • It has high elastic band wraps that couch cushion cover tightly and keeps it fixed.


  • It is the oldest model, so it is not very much worth buying.

8) Chiara Rose Anti Slip Elastic Cushion Cover

Chiara Rose Anti Slip Elastic Cushion Cover

The Chiara rose spandex stretch cushion cover is the product for an individual with pets and kids. These stretchable covers will protect your sofa from spills, stains, and as well as normal wear and tear.

This cushion cover also comes with stylish and comfortable designs, which ensures optimal satisfaction also. Similarly, the cushion cover has a breathable fabric that maintains a calm and relaxing place. Also, it is made up of machine-washable fabric that makes it easy to maintain.

Its key features include

  • Thick to offer protection for damage and dirt
  • It is durable, breathable, and machine washable.
  • Stretchable to fit most sofa


Color: Brown

Brand: Chiara rose

Material: Microfiber

Weight of item: 1.15 kilogram

Antifouling construction

Stretchable to fit most of the covers

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


  • It is machine washable for easy care.
  • It has an elastic and flexible strap to prevent sliding.


  • It has the lowest rating in the market now.
  • So this cushion cover is not worth buying.

9) PU leather box cushion cover

PU Leather Box Cushion Sofa Slipcover
Leather Cushion Sofa Slipcover

This leather box cushion cover is very refined and upstyle. This couch cushion cover is perfect for both outdoor and indoor furniture. It protects the cushions from pet stains, pet hair, spilled milk, spills, and colors. This cover is resistant to mess like hair and pet stains. Thus it makes it an excellent choice for individuals who have children and pets.

This PU leather box cushion cover is crafted with a luxurious look and feel of leather. The leather cushion covers have strong elasticity. The unique leather is used to extend the cushion life so that it becomes soft in touch. It comes with an oversized design which is equipped with some elastic straps. Thus it allows you to cover various cushion sizes also without any problem. Similarly, you will also love the stylish trim that adds beautiful details and will blend well with almost any home.

Thus it is a perfect fit, and it offers premium protection. This cover is easy to clean and maintain.


Print: Solid

Theme: Natural or floral

Care instruction: Hand wash

Material: Fabric

Durability: Fade-resistant, water-resistant

Attachment type: Elastic

Having a generous size


Easy care to use

Best furniture protection

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • This leather box cushion cover has elastic edges, and it is hand washable.
  • It offers premium protection.
  • It is durable and easy to maintain


This couch cushion cover is not recommended for machine washing.

10) Flax linen cushion cover

Couch Sofa Cover hidden zipper closure
Flax linen cushion cover

This cushion cover is available in a variety of shades and sizes. It is not only comfy but also it protects the couch cushion from dirt and mess. This cover has canvas-weight linen with piping all around and a hidden zipper closure. This couch cushion cover is very cheap to purchase and has a perfect fit size for cushions.


Fabric: linen

Color: white

Material: linen  fabric

An excellent solution for linen fabric


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  • This cover is made up of 100% linen.
  • It is very cheap to buy.
  • It has two pockets.


  • It is not machine washable.


Can I wash the cushion with their covers?

Couch cushion covers are washable, but it is recommended that instead of washing your cushion, you renew it by changing its covers.

Should the cushion cover more diminutive than the cushion?

Yes, for more elegancy, the cushion covers should be slightly smaller than the cushion itself.

Which material is better for cushion covers?

Materials like cotton, linen, fabric, and velvet type are best for cushion covers. These materials are easily washable and make the cushion soft and breathable.

Buying guides for cushion covers

There are many more things that you should consider while buying a couch cushion cover. It includes its pattern, colors, size, etc. While buying a cushion cover, evaluate its design and colors.

Durable Material

Material is essential while buying. Make sure you are purchasing high-quality material. Considering the size is also an important factor while purchasing cushion covers. So keep in mind all the qualities of the best cushion cover.


The material of your cushion cover choice can make the comfort of your sofa. Very stuffed and not entirely stuffed cushions are not considered acceptable. If you are buying a pillow, you have to see that either this cushion is filled correctly or not?


Also, when you are buying cushion covers, check cushion color. Color decides that whether the cushion is attractive or not. The second thing is to consider the fabric of the cushion covers. Don’t just go on cushion color; the material is also an essential factor.

Easy to wash

Make sure you are buying a cushion cover that will not fade or tear, and it must be easily washable. The third thing is the size and shape of the pillow. If you want to create a visual interest in your room, you must give importance to your cushion and couch cushion covers.


So, in the end, cushions are used in every home for home décor and to add a personal style. It is equally important to choose the best pillow that enhances the home interior, whether you are buying a drawing room or a living room. The only cushion itself impacts the entire home décor, and it is the cushion cover that has an important place in the décor of the home.

So when you are buying a cushion or cushion covers, keep in mind to check all the qualities mentioned above. Hope that now buying a couch cushion cover will be much easier for you. Also, tell us your reviews about these best couch cushion covers.


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