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15 Secret Tips To Decorate a Side Table in Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important places in your house. This is where you bond with your family, socialize with friends and entertain guests. Your living room reflects your taste and tells a lot about yourself to your guests. Therefore, it is necessary to pay undivided attention while decorating this particular area.

If you want to ensure that your living room looks perfect and feels cozy, then make sure you pick up the right furniture. Side tables are undoubtedly the ideal choice for your living room since they add aesthetic and functional value to this area. Want to know how to decorate a side table in your living room? Just keep on reading this article, and you will find your answer.

1. Place an LED Lamp

LED Floor Lamp with End Table
LED Floor Lamp with End Table

While shopping for your small side table, pick up something that captivates everyone’s attention quickly, whether it is a sculpture, plant, lamp, or something else. To brighten up your living room, place an LED floor lamp in the center of your table and see how it catches your guests’ eyes. An LED lamp can be a perfect choice for you if you want to showcase other items on your side table.

2. Set a Theme for Your Side Table

LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection

Have you been wondering what theme you should create for your side table? Let us help you with this. Well, your theme could be anything – from your favorite city to the movie you love the most.

For instance, you recently traveled to Paris, and you fell in love with this city. How about creating a Paris-themed side table? Isn’t it a great idea? If you agree with us, just get a Paris skyline building kit that may include a mini-Eiffel Tower model and other city architecture. Decorate your end table with a magnificent Eiffel Tower model to cherish your precious memories of the city of love and romance.

3. Add a Floral Touch

Rose Bowl

No matter what the season is, flowers can always create a romantic atmosphere at home. And now that spring is here, it is just the perfect time for adding a floral touch to your living room décor.

Spring is the season of flowers, a new beginning, and romance. Want to bring spring vibes to your living room? Get a round glass vase and fill it with your favorite terrarium plants, potpourri, shells, flowers, glass beads, floating flower petals, etc. This is a perfect way to pump up the spring mood.

4. Arrange Four Glass Jars Together

Set of 4 Large Classic Clear Jar
Set of 4 Large Classic Clear Jar

Whether you want to display eye-catching decorative items or delicious food, glass apothecary jars will work excellently. Pick a set of four clear glass jars that appeal to your guests.

While decorating your narrow side table with these transparent glass jars, make sure you pay attention to color. You can choose colored decorative items for these transparent jars. From tasty candies to artificial plants and seashells – you can put any decorative items inside these jars to decorate your tabletop surface in the best possible ways.  

5. Display Your Favorite Books

Storage Memory Book Box Set
Storage Memory Book Box Set

The books you read can say a lot about your likes, dislikes, and personality. By decorating your narrow side table with your favorite books, you can thus let your guests discover a little about your personality. Stack books of different thicknesses. If you want to make the decoration a bit more personal, choose the books that deal with your favorite subjects.

However, if you don’t love to read books, you can still add an intellectual touch to your living space. Get a memory book box set and make your living room look elegant. These three book boxes are made with environment-friendly material. They are perfect for storing items like letters, pictures, cards, etc.

6. Create a Romantic Ambiance with Scented candles

Rancco Mosaic Glass Candle Jars
Rancco Mosaic Glass Candle Jars

There is nothing better way than using scented candles when it comes to creating a romantic home atmosphere. Put your favorite scented candles in mosaic glass candle jars and light them to create a perfect ambiance. Your living room feels great with these scented candles and flowers. 

7. Place a Mirror

 Miusco Large Tabletop Vanity Makeup Mirror with Stand

Miusco Large Tabletop Mirror with Stand

Your small room will look bigger when you place a mirror on your side table with storage. Square or rectangular mirrors could be the best options for you if you plan to put them on your end table in the living room. A large tabletop makeup mirror will not only help you do your daily makeup but also make your room appear bigger and well-lit.

8. Use Trays and Stay Clutter-Free

Decorative Prisma Tray Mirror Gold
Decorative Prisma Tray Mirror Gold

Who doesn’t love to stay organized? We suppose you are not exceptional. One of the easiest tricks to keep your living room stylishly organized is to decorate your side tables with aesthetically pleasing trays. Thus, you will know where all your cosmetics, perfume, makeup are. A decorative tray mirror will look great on your side table when you organize your room properly.

9. Decorate with Sculptures

Echaprey Sandstone Resin Statue

Your home décor says a lot about you. So, make sure that each item you pick up for decorating your house, especially the living space, should reflect your personality. From a small sculpture to a flower vase – every item is essential, and you should choose them with great care. When it comes to sculptures, you will get multiple options to pick up. Choose the one that matches your home décor. With an abstract tabletop sculpture, you can quickly grab the attention of your guests. Place it on your side table and see how your guests drool over it.

10. Place Potted Plants

Mini Potted Plants

If you are looking for décor items for your round side table, then look no further. Houseplants, a classic decorative item, will always add value to your living space. Place a set of potted plants or group them with other decorative items like jars, sculptures, vases, etc. Succulents or mini ferns are great plants for your living space. However, if your purpose is to decorate your table, you can go for artificial potted plants.

11. Showcase Your Collection

NIKKY HOME Table Top Clock, Vintage French Decorative Pewter Analog Desk Clock Battery Operated for Living Room Decor Shelf

They could be your favorite books, sculptures, a vintage clock, or anything that reflect your personality. Decorate your tabletop with your unique collection of home décor items to give your living room a chic vibe. 

12. Decorate with Photo Frames

QUTREY 4x6 Rustic Picture Frame Set of 2
QUTREY 4×6 Rustic Picture Frame Set of 2

Ask anyone aged over 60; how precious photos are, and you will get your answer. Whether it is about recalling past moments or reliving beautiful moments, photographs can help you in the best ways. You can never make time standstill. What you can do is to cherish your beautiful memories, and photographs will help you do so.

Decorate your side table with double-sided photo frames and see how they will remind you of the happy days you spent in the past. 

13. Illuminate Your Tabletop

Bonsai Lighted Tree
Bonsai Lighted Tree

To bring a spring vibe to your room, you can place a lighted cherry blossom tree on the center of your table. This tree light will make you feel like spring is here in your room for 365 days, and also, it will brighten up your entire room. Once you switch on this cherry tree light, the LED cherry blossom petals will look elegant at night and will remind you of the sweet spring scent. For a perfect festival ambiance, get this LED tree and illuminate your cozy room.

14. Display Your Jewelry

Umbra 299330-491-REM Trigem Hanging Organizer
Umbra Hanging Organizer

Whether you want to display your precious jewelry or keep it organized, a necklace holder will always come to your rescue. Place an aesthetically pleasing 3 tier necklace holder on your side table with drawers, and thus you will always know where your favorite necklace is. You can use this necklace holder to store and showcase multiple neckpieces of different lengths.

15. Decorate with Antiques

KSMA Rotating Hourglass
KSMA Rotating Hourglass

Do you always feel a strong connection to the past? If you answer positively, then you will surely love decorating your home with antiques. Now that you have made up your mind to decorate your rooms with antique items, let us help you choose the right products.

From a vintage brass weight scale to a metal hourglass stand – the options are endless. Pick up the most suitable item for your side table and decorate your home beautifully. 

Handy Tips on Side Table Decoration

Now that you know which items are suitable for your side table and how to decorate them perfectly, here are some handy tips on chic home decoration.

Tip1: Group three decorative items together on your table. These could be three jars of different sizes, three books of different volumes, or three plants.

Tip2: To make your tabletop aesthetically pleasing, place décor items of different sizes. You can pair a colorful vase with a houseplant or jar.

Tip3: For the best result, keep on playing with colors. If you are confused about combining all the colors correctly, go for something subtle rather than loud. This is how; you can play safe.

How to Choose the Best Side Table: Easy Buying Guide

Square or round? Metal or wood? With storage and drawers or without storage? Well, we know how tricky choosing a perfect side table is with so many options. Hence, we are with this easy buying guide to help you pick up the right one for your room.

· Shape

Square or round one – which one should you choose? Before you decide on the shape, you need to find a place where you are going to place it. For a square room with many boxy pieces, a round side table is undoubtedly the perfect choice. However, a square table offers a lot of space for lamps and other items. So, decide wisely.

· Drawers and Storage

Do you need more storage in your room? Well, managing space or storage in a small room is difficult, and that’s why we suggest you bring a table with drawers. Thus. You can also keep your things organized. After all, who doesn’t love to live in a clutter-free house?

· Height

Ensure that your side table is equal or just below the arm of your sofa or the seat it is next to. This not only makes your living space looks stunning but also makes it easy for you to reach for the items on your table. Take a measuring tape and measure your sofa arm’s height correctly before you get a side table.

· Style

When it comes to choosing a side table, you will get multiple options before. Choose the shape and style that match your entire home décor. For traditional home décor, you can get a vintage wooden table. On the other hand, a sophisticated side table matches perfectly with modern home décor. Now, you need to understand how you want your living room to be decorated.

· Material

From wood and glass, top metal–side tables can be made of different materials. Wood tables match the most with traditional home décor. Not to mention, they are long-lasting and look attractive. On the other hand, tables made of stainless steel are easy to clean and light-weighted. Apart from wood and steel, there are several other table materials like marble and glass.


Side tables come with wide variations. We believe this buying guide will help you choose the right product. Once you get your end table for your living room, make sure you decorate it in an attractive way to grab visitors’ attention. Choose the right side table décor items and decorate your living space to add aesthetic value to your house. That’s not all. You will also stay more organized and clutter-free when you decorate your house correctly. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your favorite home decor items and make your room clutter-free. Happy shopping!   


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