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The 9 Best Big Joe Bean Bag Chairs To Buy In 2021

Bean Bag chairs are affordable, stylish, and comfy chairs that you can buy to decorate your living room, bedroom, or even gaming room. They’ve been around for more than four decades, and they’ve gone through a lot of changes in designs, sizes, and materials. People of all ages can use these convenient pieces of furniture, or you can even buy them for your pets. They are highly portable and lightweight, making them easier to move around in your apartment or house.

Big Joe is an iconic American brand that started with the idea of improvising a standard bean bag. It now produces some of the best bean bag chairs in the market in several designs and shapes. Their bags are light as a feather and are made of long-lasting material. So, if you’re looking to buy a high-end bean bag, we’ve researched and compared some of the most innovative and classic Big Joe bean bags to make it easier for you.

1. Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair
Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

This medium-sized bean bag chair by Big Joe is an exceptional pick for bachelors or small families. It’s available in 8 vibrant and beautiful colors. The chair comes with dimensions of 31.5 × 29 × 27 inches and can easily fit in narrow spaces. It’s suitable for people with a height of less than 6ft. 

Dorm bean bag weighs only a little more than five pounds, but being light doesn’t mean it compromises the material quality: the scratch-resistant fabric and comfy bean filling last for years. You can also find some unique features like a side pocket, a drink holder, zippers, and a handle that improves the bean bag’s overall functionality.


  • Scratch-Resistant fabric
  • Huge range of colors
  • Lightweight, easier to carry with a handle
  • Additional features like side pockets and holders
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit small for tall users

2. Big Joe Fuf Large Bean Bag 


The Fuf large-sized bean bag is a part of the premium and expensive collection of Big Joe’s finest chairs. It’s covered with four classic colors of Lenox fabric. The bean bag is also equipped with a huge removable cover. The cover can be easily unzipped and machine-washed with detergent. The premium quality foam never goes flat and can easily be re-fluffed by opening and shaking the chair.

It has dimensions of 38 × 49 × 38 inches and weighs about 31 pounds. It’s a bit bulky for people with limited space, but the weight is justified if you consider the bean bag’s large size. It also consists of multiple handles useful to move it around.


  • Available in four classic colors
  • Long-lasting foam
  • A machine washable cover that keeps your bean bag clean
  • No additional fill required


  • Not very affordable

3. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag

Big Joe Milano Bean Bag
Big Joe Milano Bean Bag chair

Featuring three different fabric options with eight color options, Milano may appear similar to the Dorm bean bag. The unique design of the chair provides excellent support and adds extra comfort. It can easily fit into a small apartment or dorm room because of its compact design. 

The Milano only weighs 4.75 pounds, making it one of the lightest bean bags on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gamer, a bibliophile, or looking to spend some relaxing time with your friends; this bean bag is perfect for all sorts of people. This chair is also equipped with a handle for carrying around the bean bag with ease.


  • Compact, standard-sized bean bag
  • Available in plush, shag, and SmartMax fabric options
  • A high-profile back for better support
  • Fluffy and durable bean filling


  • Nothing specific to mention

4. Big Joe Roma Floor Bean Bag

Big Joe Roma Floor Bean Bag
Big Joe Roma Floor Bean Bag chair

Roma’s is a uniquely designed floor bean bag with curved back support lying low on the ground. The chair’s height is comparatively low, but it still occupies a lot of space because of the large width. You can pick between five distinctive colored fabrics made of SmartMax or suede. The material is scratch-proof and effortless to clean.

Several exclusive features like safety zippers, big fluffy beans, and handles are available in Big Joe’s Roma. Despite being massive in size, it weighs just about 5.8 pounds. So, you won’t end up with an unhandy piece of furniture that just sits in one place.


  • A unique design with less height
  • A curved and comfortable back
  • Scratch-proof SmartMax or Suede fabric 
  • It uses huge beans
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not befitting for congested spaces

5. Big Joe FUF XXL Bean Bag

Big Joe FUF XXL Bean Bag chair

This bean bag is the ultimate product of the Big Joe’s Fuf collection. It’s made with shredded foam, which is more flexible, durable, and comfy than most other filling materials. You don’t need to care about refilling because of its advanced foam. The vast dimensions of 71 x 58 x 39 inches can comfortably seat two people and make it one of the most oversized bean bags. 

A washable cover attached with a double-stitched safety zipper is very easy to remove. You can completely sink in this seven feet bean bag. An enormous weight of 79.5 pounds is something you should keep in mind when buying this bean bag.


  • The largest bean bag by Big Joe
  • Premium shredded foam filling
  • Equipped with a removable cover
  • No refilling required


  • Heavier and bulky

6. Big Joe Teardrop Bean Bag

Big Joe Teardrop Bean Bag chair
Big Joe Teardrop Bean Bag chair

Teardrop-shaped bean bags are known for providing a great sitting position because of their excellent design. This particular bean bag by Big Joe is made of shag fur available in grey or ivory color. It’s a medium-sized chair appropriate for kids or short people. It can easily fit in small rooms and weighs around seven pounds. You can move around the chair effortlessly with the help of a built-in handle. It’s filled with comfy megahh beans, which you can easily find in the market if your bean bag needs a refill.


  • A unique teardrop design
  • Premium shag fur fabric
  • Compact and portable
  • Filled with megahh beans


  • A little expensive for a medium-sized bean bag

7. Big Joe Media Lounger Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Media Lounger Bean Bag Chair

Media Lounger is yet another extra-large oval-shaped bean bag. Although the Fuf XXL is larger, this bean bag is 72-inch wide, which is more than any other company model. Despite its colossal size, it’s relatively light and weighs around half of the Fuf Large bean bag. It’s also covered with an improved thicker Lenox fabric and comes with four color options. The uniform shredded foam filling never goes flat in this media lounger, and it’s effortless to maintain the shape of the bean bag. The built-in handles are a blessing to move this heavy bean bag.


  • A large width of 72 inches
  • Thicker and durable Lenox 
  • Filled with recycled shredded foam
  • Easier to re-fluff and requires no refilling


  • Difficult to brush off the dirt

8. Big Joe Imperial Lounger Bean Bag

Big Joe Imperial Lounger Bean Bag chair
Big Joe Imperial Lounger Bean Bag chair

The imperial lounger has an exclusive L-shaped design that resembles a regular chair. It provides you two armrests and a high back, comfortable for playing games or watching TV. You can easily fall asleep in this giant lounger. The bean bag’s available in union and suede polyester fabric. You can pick from a range of five vibrant colors to match your décor. It’s also equipped with an easy-to-clean removable cover. The inside filling is made of smooth and super comfy foam. Overall, it’s an excellent replacement for old and boring standard chairs.


  • An L-shaped design with armrests
  • Made with high-quality polyester
  • Removable cover
  • Big enough for two people


  • You need to fluff it frequently

9. Big Joe Nestle Loveseat Bean Bag

Big Joe Nestle Loveseat Bean Bag chair
Big Joe Nestle Loveseat Bean Bag chair

Nestle Loveseat is no less than a medium-sized sofa. It’s a luxurious bean bag that is made with high-quality vegan leather fabric. The eye-catching cement and espresso color match and enhance all kinds of interiors. The bean bag is put together with a beautiful ottoman, also covered with soft vegan leather, which is sold separately. It’s filled with recycled shredded foam like all premium big joe bean bags. The product is shipped semi-assembled, and you need to put the cover and inserts together to assemble the bean bag. If budget is not a problem, this elite bean bag is all you need to lounge comfortably.


  • Covered with fabric made of smooth vegan leather
  • Striking espresso and cement color options
  • It can be matched with a resembling ottoman
  • Durable and long-lasting filling


  • Requires assembly
  • A bit pricey

Things to Consider when Buying a Bean Bag Chair

1. Fabric

Even though it’s not reasonable to think of, most buyers don’t pay any attention to the fabric type the outside bag is made up; and end up getting a bean bag just based on the appearances. Your lifestyle could create many hassles in your bean bag if you don’t opt smartly as per your needs. Bean bags made out of soft polyesters, even though highly comfortable on touch, are mostly limited to indoor usage. Also, soft-polyester fabricated bean bags shouldn’t be anywhere in your options if you have a pet in your household. Bean bags made out of artificial leather are suited for outdoor usage, and pet hair isn’t a hassle to deal with these chairs!

2. Inside and Outside Bags

If you’re a pet owner, your pet can tear out your bean bag (without an inside bag); and all the fillings fall outside on the floor. It’d be a daunting and infuriating task to get everything back after sewing for hours. To avoid such an unfortunate scenario, we always recommend getting a bean bag that comes up with an inside bag.

3. Stitches and Zippers

You should be paying the greatest attention to the quality of stitches on a bean bag. Wrong stitches could create huge complications, which can tear the bag, and you would have to sew it again for proper usage. Ideally, stitches must be double and even. Buyers should keep strong Zippers with wide teeth at priority for outside bags. Bean Bag should be constructed in a way that zippers are hidden under the fabric, keeping comfort a top priority.

4. Beans/Granules

Fillings constitute the major component of a bean bag, so it gets crucial to pay attention to the bean bag’s fillings you are thinking of getting for yourself. Fillings of natural material are known to be the most reliable but expensive. Relatively cheaper options such as ground polystyrene foam wear out quickly. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beans are the most well-known affordable option for fillings, and I’d recommend you to look for the same.

5. Usage

It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when the primary usage of a bean bag chair is indoors. Still, when we specifically talk about placing a bean bag beside a swimming pool or a lakeshore, it gets incredibly convenient to use bean bags made out of water-proof fabrics. You shouldn’t be worrying about spilling water while having your hour of relaxation.

6. Additional Accessories

Many premium bean bags come with various accessories that make it easier for users to maintain their bean bags. For example, a wide range of Big Joe bean bags come with handles, side pockets, bottle holders, removable cover, side pieces, and other convenient features that provide a better customer value.

Final Words

Bean Bags can be a great addition to your indoor or outdoor furniture. Unlike others, these chairs mold according to your body and deliver unmatched comfort. Big Joe offers many various sizes and unique designs of bean bags. We’ve discussed some of the best big joe indoor bean bags in our article. You can also check the patio range of furniture by Big Joe if you need outdoor furniture. I hope we helped you find the comfiest and cozy bean bag for your home. 


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