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Top 8 Human Touch Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have gone through a lot of changes, ever since their introduction in the ’80s. These chairs have been gaining a lot of popularity because of several technological advancements and improved benefits. They’re available in two types: traditional and robotic. A good massage can help you relieve several pains, aches or even reduce heart rate and blood pressure.

Human Touch is one of the oldest wellness product manufacturing brands in the United States. It produces some of the best massage chairs in the market. But it can be a little challenging to pick between a wide range of chairs offered by the company. In this article, we’ll compare and review the best human touch massage chairs and help you select a convenient massage chair.

1. Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair
Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

Featuring a staggering design and the absolute best performance in the league, Novo XT could be easily regarded as the chair that could change your life. It comes with a unibody design, which adds up to the looks of your room. The most positive thing about this massage chair is its unique S and L tracks massaging system that is known to cover about sixty percent of your back more than any random conventional massage chair, making it sort of three-dimensional and delivers perfection from your spine down to your thighs.

Novo XT allows you to play around with five intensity settings and three deep tissue massage programs, giving you the freedom to customize your own massage experience. After an intense workout, or an exhausting infuriation-filled day of work, or even after running way too many errands, Novo XT is the ladder to push you forward by giving therapeutic massage and extreme comfort! 


  • 35 auto-massage programs
  • Modern Lumbar Heat
  • Five-year warranty


  • Nothing too specific

2. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair
Super Novo Massage Chair

Super Novo, hands down, is the most advanced Massage chair you could ever imagine. Being marketed heavily as the only ‘Smart massage chair’ by HumanTouch, you are all set to enter a new world of relief and comfort with Super Novo. The biggest highlight of the product is its ability to utilize Alexa!

Yes, HumanTouch makes sure with Super Novo that you get your very own virtual masseuse at home, which could take some intuitive inputs to deliver customized messages based on your preferences! My personal favorite feature is the staggering number of distinct massage programs Super Novo offers.

With 38 wellness programs, you also get the 4th-dimensional functionality with the variable speed and massage strokes that simulate a real masseuse’s hands. In addition to the advanced interface of Super Novo, which ensures every feature to be accessible on your fingertips, the ergonomic unibody track, which covers sixty percent more than conventional massage chairs, is the biggest plus of this massage chair. 

I won’t recommend someone running on a considerably low budget even to consider this product. Still, if money is not an issue, Super Novo is currently the best massage chair you can ever lay your back on.


  • Smart Massage Chair
  • Premium sound system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 38 massage-wellness programs


  • Too expensive

3. Human Touch ZeroG® 5.0 Massage Chair

ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair

This ZeroG massage chair, in my opinion, outperforms the majority of the chairs by the way it manages to deliver an excellent full-body massage specifically designed to enhance the rich massaging experience to a whole new level you would’ve never experienced. With the extra-wide seat for additional comfort, you also get a revolutionary BodyMap pro remote, which lets you pinpoint specific locations; it could be proved as heavenly with a push of a button.

ZeroG has made sure to blend in technology with comfort in the most balanced way by producing one of the most modern and luxurious massage chairs in the market! Along with the well-known 3-D FLexGlide massage technology, which makes sure to deliver an experience like never before, ZeroG also features the very modern CirQlation technology that ensures to massage the legs in an upward-wave-like motion.


  • Customized massage with BodyMap Pro
  • 5-year warranty
  • Great for the price range


  • Does not come up with a swivel base
  • Less massage intensity controls

4. Human Touch WholeBody® 5.1 Massage Chair

WholeBody® 5.1 Massage Chair
WholeBody® 5.1 Massage Chair

Suppose you aren’t willing to spend a lot on a massage chair or running on a tight budget. In that case, I can’t help but recommend you this masterpiece, which makes sure to deliver an outstanding massaging experience even after being in the lower mid-price range.  

Even though this model costs about thirty percent less on the price tag from 7.1, Wholebody 5.1 is pretty much similar to its upgraded version 7.1 and does not compromise on any of the important features to make your experience blissful and to relax to a whole new level. 

WholeBody features the FlexGLide orbital massage system that makes sure to deliver a soothing, comforting massage that will certainly fuel in a lot of energy into you! WholeBody has to be the only premium massage chair with high-end add-ons like these in the affordable price range.


  • Affordable
  • Three-year generous warranty
  • An effective foot massager


  • Does not offer warm air technology
  • Only Three-auto massage programs

5. Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair 

Novo XT2 Human Touch Massage Chair
Novo XT2 Massage Chair

The second model from the premium range XT series of Novo by Human Touch, the XT2 massage chair guarantees a therapeutic experience after a tiring day to supercharge you on your daily ritual. Novo XT2 comes up with five intensity settings and dual lumbar heat, offering you the freedom to customize your massage. 

The zero-gravity positioning is something that most massage chair producers ignore heavily. With just a press of a button, you get to position yourself into a neutral-posture deposition to minimize the strains and back pains. The innovative design saves you a lot of space. Novo XT2 features a premium sound system with Bluetooth connectivity; your favorite soothing relaxation music could add unbelievable therapeutic relief to your massage.

A majority of the people gliding through this product might get overwhelmed by the price and counter the current best-selling alternates in the market. But the therapeutic relief you get from the massage from this chair will surely make you have zero regrets about your purchase.


  • FlexSlide 3D massage technology
  • Five intensity settings 
  • Premium sound system with Bluetooth connectivity


  • Expensive

6. Human Touch WholeBody® 7.1 Massage Chair 

WholeBody® 7.1 Human Touch Massage Chair
WholeBody® 7.1 Massage Chair

WholeBody is well known for being a high-end yet affordable massaging chair. WholeBody 7.1 makes sure not to compromise on any dimensions and ensures a brilliant and comforting massaging experience even after being a bit in the affordable price range. 

Coming up with five intensity levels, ranging from gentle to intense, you can glide through any level as per your choice. With the help of three-dimensional orbital massage technology and patent-pending FlexGlide, you are sure to set to let the chair take the command on your body and deliver extreme soothing comfort, no less than the warm-oil massage you used to get in good-old-days. 

Along with the Warm Air Technology, which adds to the relief from muscle tension, WholeBody features a BodyPoint Pro, which lets you pinpoint a specific part making the experience more customizable and providing better attention to the massaging there!


  • Three-dimensional FlexGlide Massage technology
  • BodyMap Pro helps you pinpoint specifically
  • Patent Warm air technology
  • Durable three-year warranty


  • Not well suited for tall people (6ft+)

7. Human Touch Sana Massage Chair 

Sana Human Touch Massage Chair
Sana Massage Chair

‘Sana’- Latin word for Health, does maximum justice to the name of this massage chair! Even though at first glance you might not be super impressed by the simple tame looks, but a single massage on Sana Massage Chair will let you know the secrets beneath the basic design! 

Priced a little in the mid-budget range, Sana combines simplicity with technology in the most flattering yet effective way by delivering a complete therapeutic massage experience to relieve you from your daily exhausting routines. The S and L track ensures to massage efficiently from your neck muscles down to your thighs. 

The nine auto-massage wellness programs and the Cloud Tech acupressure to heal stress from the special-key points with targeted air cells make it the best mid-budget massage chair.


  • Nine auto wellness programs
  • Durable five-year warranty
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • Built-in Bluetooth sound system


  • Not suitable for tall people (6’0 ft +)

8. Human Touch iJOY® Total Massage 

Human Touch iJOY® Total Massage
iJOY® Total Massage

Featuring the most modern and hyper-realistic FlexGlide 360 degrees technology, iJOY® Total Massage makes sure to simulate the expert techniques being used by professional masseuse! The chair offers five massage intensity levels and a fully encompassing foot massager to enhance your customizable experience to a whole new level.  

This chair comes up with the Power Recline to posture you to an extremely comfortable ideal massage position at your ease. iJOY also offers you the power of targeted air cells placed strategically on the chair to provide you relieving and therapeutic experience for your exhausted body. For someone running on a low budget, this could be a blessing in disguise!


  • Targeted Air cells for extra relief
  • Power Recline for a best suitable position
  • Five massage intensity levels


  • Two-year limited warranty

Things to Consider before Buying a Massage Chair

  • Massage Functionalities

Without prior knowledge of a massage chair’s common functionalities, you might get a bit overwhelmed by the random features being thrown at you. The trick is to emphasize and prioritize your needs and then look up to the features a massage chair is likely to offer. Massage airbags, recline functions, massage rollers, zero gravity positioning; are the few functions you should be considering in your head before trying to make the final call.

  • Budget

It’s extremely crucial to have a comfortable variable range you are willing to spend on a massage chair. The amount you are comfortable spending affects the final options you could list down for you. And trust me when I say this, you can get excellent massage chairs in every price range; just the features will be less fancy as per the price.

  • Warranty

Even though it is less likely to be prone to damages, a massage chair is used heavily dozens of times a month in any household. Even though the maintenance efforts are minimal, a little ignorance could cause some extreme irreversible damages to your massage chair. Ensure that the massage chair you are going to get for yourself is backed up by several years of warranty.

  • Massage Positions 

Most massage chairs we’ve covered in our picks go to massage way beyond just your back, but at the end, you decide to focus more on where your body you need. Some modern techniques such as CirQlation go the extra step to massage your calves and deliver extra relief to that area. Make sure you know where exactly you would want your masseuse to work.

  • Programs

Most massage chairs offer you some pre-programmed massage programs that start massaging, targeting a specific area with a button’s push for some minutes. Few high-end massage chairs offer body-mapping controls that pinpoint particular locations to relieve stress from that area. Having things on the go without any mechanical input from your side could be extremely convenient and relieving for you.

Final Words

Human Touch Massage chairs offer great luxury and a unique user experience. They’re ergonomically designed to support your body and provide ultimate relaxation. Despite being a bit expensive, these chairs’ innovative technology can help people with serious pains and health problems. We’ve shortlisted some of the best massage chairs by the company. These massage chairs are no less than a professional therapist, and picking the right chair will surely have a massive impact. 


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