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8 Best End Tables With Storage: Staples For Your Living Room And Bedroom

Have you ever walked into a house that was built during the Victorian age? If you have, you probably noticed that it had an air of charm and sophistication. But, what was the secret? Was it in unique architecture? Well. that was only part of the story. The real reason for its beauty lay in its furniture, most notably the end table with storage!

What Is an End Table?

“What is an end table?” Here’s your answer, “an end table is a short and smaller table. It’s generally situated right next to a bigger piece of furniture. A good example is a couch!” Ok, so now that you know what an end table is, here’s a question. Do you know what two types of end tables are? Give up? They’re end tables with storage and narrow end table.

Why Do You Need an End Table?

End tables were stylish more than a hundred years ago. Do you know why? They were more than just pretty little pieces of furniture that beautified the houses and rooms they were in. they gave rooms balance and made them look larger. End tables also provided people with extra space to put food and drinks on when relaxing.

Do you know what? End tables serve the same purpose today. People who entertain others in their houses love end tables. Also, people who work in some professions like sales need to entertain others in their houses (like clients) if they want to close big deals😉.

Now that you know what end tables are and why you need them, it’s time to discuss eight of the best ones. Note that some of these are narrow end tables, and some of these are end tables with storage.

1. mDesign Side End Table Storage Nightstand

mDesign Side End Table Storage
mDesign Side End Table Storage

What makes this one of the best end tables with storage is the fact that it has three drawers. These are unique because they’re made out of woven wood. This gives them an innovative look. It will add personality, too, and spice up any room that it’s in.

But there are other reasons that make this the creme the la creme of end tables with storage

· The Tabletop Makes for Great Storage Space

You can store glasses of water, your smartphone, your keys, glasses; you name it on the tabletop. It’s sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about your belonging going anywhere while you sleep. You can buy it off for $75.99.

· Smart Design

This end table with storage was built up. You could also consider it to be a narrow end table because of this unique feature. In any case, you can easily store it in any room of your house.

· Easy to Access Drawers

The drawer handles are cut into the drawers. Therefore, you can always easily open them without ever having to worry about the drawer handles loosening or falling off.

· Sturdy

This end table was designed using the latest in engineering and design principles. It’s made out of woven hyacinth wood – this is a strong type of wood. It’s also mounted in a strong steel frame. This end table will last for years.


· Easy to Use

One customer loved the fact that this end table came preassembled. All he had to do was put it in the corner of a room in his house.

· Holds Many Items Easily

A customer loved the fact that this end table can easily hold everything but the kitchen sink!

· Contemporary and Stylish

One customer said that this end table looked ‘right at home in her modern lake house bedroom.


· Not Sturdy

The frame is not as sturdy as expected.

2. Signature Design by Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports and Outlets

Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table
 Ashley Laflorn Chairside End Table with USB Ports & Outlets

This is a sturdy end table. It comes in many colors, but the main color is brown.

There are other key reasons why customers love this end table

· It Looks Good

This narrow end table has a bronze varnish finish. This will add a splash of class and sophistication to any room in your house that you put it in.

· It Comes with a USB Charger.

The built-in USB charger means that you no longer have to take the time to look for a space in your house that’s next to an electrical outlet.

· Space Conserver

Its dimensions of 14 by 24 by 23 means that it’ll save precious space in your house.


· Comes Preassembled

Customers loved the fact that they could put this end table in any room that they wanted to

· Strong

Many customers happily commented that this narrow end table lasted for many years.

· Multipurpose

It can be used as bed rest, a traditional end table with storage, or a printer table.


· Construction Problem

Some customers complained about poor construction.

3. Kamiler End table Industrial Nightstand with Drawer

Kamiler End Table Industrial Nightstand
Kamiler End Table Industrial Nightstand

This little wonder is so sturdy. It comes with a drawer and a tabletop. This night table also has a lower mesh table which will easily store extra items.

But there are other reasons why people love this end table

· Casual Style

Its casual design and intelligent engineering give a new definition to the words chic and urban. This end table will add life to any room that it’s in.

· Study

Kamler has durable steel legs. This means that you’ll be giving this end table in mint condition to your grandkids.

· Won’t Scratch Your Floor

You can adjust the feet in terms of length. This means that you can quickly put this table in rooms with uneven surfaces without worrying about scratches.


· Convenient

Customers loved the fact that this end table looked at home in any room

· Assembles In a Few Minutes

Assembly instructions are so straightforward and simple that a five-year-old could follow them.

· Sturdy

Customers loved its sturdy and durable design


· Screws Are Bad

Screws are not as good as expected.

4. X-Cosrack Mobile Side Table End Tables

X-cosrack Mobile End Tables
X-cosrack Mobile End Tables

What sets it apart from the other end tables lies in its design and construction. Its rectangular shape and sturdy design/construction make it the ideal place to store a wide variety of items. You can rest assured that this table will last for several years.

But there are other good reasons why people love this end table

· Casters Make It Movable

Its casters make it easy to move. You’ll also be able to store and take this end table anywhere you want to.

· Quality Design and Construction

Its metal frame is made from thick industrial-grade carbon steel. The tabletop is constructed from high-quality particleboard. It’s E-grade. This conforms to the industry’s highest standards.

· Two Rows of Shelves

You can store twice as many items with its two rows of shelves. It’s also very compact. You can store it in any place in your house.


· Its Claims Are Credible

One customer praised this end table. He was amazed that it came as pictured and was a cinch to assemble. He also liked the fact that it could hold any item imaginable.

· Very Tall

A customer liked the fact that it comes up to the armrest of most couches. This made storing items while relaxing fun.

· Works Well as a Makeshift Desk

One customer liked the fact that it served well as a makeshift desk for online schooling.


· Lack of Proper Instructions

Proper instructions were missing. So, customers found it difficult to assemble the narrow end table.

5. ChooChoo Flip Top Open End Table

ChooChoo Flip Top Open End Table
ChooChoo Flip Top Open End Table

This could be considered to be one of the seven wonders of the furniture world. Its rectangular shape and compact size make it portable. It’s ideal for small and cramped spaces. It will fit perfectly in any small space in your house.

However, other reasons why you should buy this end table include:

· Flip-Top Container

The flip-top container opens quickly and with little effort. You can store twice as many items in its interior because of this feature.

· Open Shelf and Drawer

This feature makes this an ideal narrow end table. You can store many more items. This makes large bookshelves and tables in your living room redundant.

· Durable and Strong

This table is made from high-grade wood. It’s strong and durable. Indeed, this may be the last end table that you will ever buy.


· Assembly Is A Cinch

One customer said that the instructions were intuitive and straightforward.

· Perfect Size

One customer said that this narrow end table’s smaller size was perfect for her house.

· Lives Up to Claims

One customer said that the product is of high quality and lasts.


· Made with Formaldehyde

According to a few customers, this end table is made with formaldehyde.

6. Modern Craftsman Distressed Oak End Table

Modern Oak End Table
Modern Oak End Table

What you’ll love about this narrow end table is its sturdy design and construction. It may be pricey, but its high-quality design and sturdy engineering make it well worth the price.

There are other reasons why you want to buy this table

· Solid Design

It’s made from sturdy woods:  poplar, and oak

· Great Storage Capacity

It comes with one huge drawer and one open shelf. You can store twice as many items with little effort.


· Beautiful

One customer loved its beautiful and ingenious design

· Intuitive Assembly

Even a non-handyman will have no problem assembling this table.

· High-Quality

One customer loved the fact that this end table is sturdy and of high-quality


· Problems with the Metal Frame Structure

The metal frame is not square.

7. Hoobro Open Storage Shelf End Table

HOOBRO End Table with 2 Drawer and Open Storage Shelf
HOOBRO End Table with 2 Drawer and Open Storage Shelf

You can buy this work of art off for $79.99. However, its more affordable price tag is not the only thing that will make you fall in love with this end table at first sight.

Other good reasons that justify buying this end table is a great idea, include:

· Solid Design and Construction

This end table is constructed from solid and sturdy particleboard. It will last for years. You may never rebuy another end table!

· Ingenious Design

It was designed for people with little space and huge storage needs in mind. It has two deep drawers and open storage space above that.

· Intuitive Assembly

Instructions are intuitive and straightforward. Accurate assembly will only take a few minutes.


· Perfect For Travel

It’s compact. Traveling will not be a problem with it.

· Fits Neatly In Any Space

Its smaller size makes it a perfect fit in even the smallest of spaces.

· Great Value

One customer felt that she got her money’s worth with this end table.


· Short Screws

The screws attached to the drawer knobs are short. 

8. Arsenault End Table with Storage

Arsenault End Table with Storage
Arsenault End Table with Storage

You can buy this fancy end table with the storage of Wayfair. This table could be the perfect stable for your living room or bedroom.

There are many things you will love about this wonderful table

· Solid Design

This table is made out of solid and strong wood. It’s also reinforced by industrial-grade stainless steel.

· Classy Style

The beige-white color of this table is sure to make any room of your house stylish and classy.

· Ample Storage Space

This end table has a useful top and bottom shelf. This makes it great to store a wide variety of materials.


· Beautiful

One customer said that this end table beautified his media room

· Straightforward Assembly

One customer had her seven-year-old assemble this end table by himself.

· Functional

This end table is useful for storing things.


· The Paint Doesn’t Last

One customer complained that the paint peeled

Want to Choose the Best End Table with Storage? Quick Buying Guide for You

So, which end table should you buy? You must be confused since so many options are available. Well, don’t worry. We are here with this quick and easy buying guide, and we aim to make your buying journey as smooth as possible. Just consider the following points, and you will understand which end table is right for you.

· Style

Will you go for a modern style or a traditional one? The choice is yours. For homes with modern décor, one should choose a sophisticated end table. On the other hand, if your house is packed with traditional furniture, it will be great if you go for farmhouse style or traditional end table.

· Size

Choosing the correct size for your end table is essential. When you select the right size, your living room will look appropriately balanced with the right furniture, including the sofa and side table.

· Material

From metal and glass to wood – end tabled can be made of different materials. Choose something that matches your home décor. The tables made of wood or metal last long. On the other hand, end tables with glass tops look great. Now, the choice is yours, which one you want to get.

· Storage

We know how difficult it is to manage space while living in a small apartment. Hence, we are suggesting you get a narrow end table with storage. Whether it is about storing books, keys, or other small items, you will find ample storage in an end table.

So, what else you need to look for while buying an end table? Just conduct thorough research and get the one that fits your rooms in the best possible ways.  


· What Defines An End Table?

These are small tables that are great for completing furniture in a room. They are also great for putting drinks or plates of food down when relaxing.

· What Are the Best Finishes And Materials For An End Table?

It’s best to choose tables that are a combination of metal, glass, and wood.

· How Many Different Shapes Do End Tables Come In?

They generally come in two shapes:  rectangular and square

An End Table Will Enhance Your Room’s Aesthetic and Functional Value

An end table is a good choice for your room. It will give your room balance and style. End tables with storage especially will make a good conversation piece when you have company over. It will enhance your home’s aesthetic and functional value.


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