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Best 10 Swivel Recliners to buy in 2021

Swivel recliners are fancy and expensive furniture that enhances the look of your interior and home décor. The adjustable back and footrest on these chairs provide you great flexibility and make you comfy by providing a great body posture. You can lounge, sleep or watch your movies for hours without worrying about any aches or pain. Most of these premium chairs use lavish leather upholstery, thick foam padding and are equipped with a variety of convenient features. The level of comfort these recliners offer cannot be matched by any other piece of furniture.

These recliners are available in different types: electric, manual, rocking, or massage. All the recliner types serve a different purpose, and you should consider a model that befits your needs. Additionally, you’ll also find some unique features like a holder, built-in speakers, charging ports, and other aspects that make a massive difference in the performance. It can be a tedious task to pick an ideal recliner among all the endless options. In this buying guide, we’ll review some of the best swivel recliners to buy in 2021 at a wide price range to help you with your research.

1. Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker

Swivel Single Sofa Seat with Drink Holders
Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair

Comhoma Leather is an exceptional swivel recliner with a great massage, reclining, and rocking features. The recline features staggering 360 degrees swivel and 150-degree recline features, and dimensions of 37.4 x 35.8 x 40.94 give it an extremely comfortable look and make it a delight to lay yourself down on. Whether it is reading your favorite Harry Potter series or it is the old classics on your television, this recliner will make sure to deliver an enjoyable relieving experience to you.

Comhoma features brilliant lumbar support and soft padding, and full chaise seating, making it relatively easy to suspend your body down comfortably. At the same time, the recliner relieves and supports your back with perfection. The most flattering feature being is the High-quality push back recliner mechanism, which makes you comfortably rest your hands down on the very soothing armrests while your body weight itself reclines the chair backward! With Comhoma Leather, you also get a cup holder on the sideways, not to forget the incredibly relaxing 8-point massage system and four modes of vibration.


  • The recliner function lets you recline at multiple angles
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to clean since it’s made out of leather
  • Home theatre seating


  • Not suitable for tall (6ft+)
  • Vibrations while massage could be irritating

2. ANJ Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

Reclining Chair Manual
ANJ Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

Made out of excellent fabric material, this manual recliner chair under the brand name of ANJ is another delight to have on your wishlist. This recliner swivels 360 degrees, while on the backside, it can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 150 degrees, offering you three modes to choose from as per your mood. ANJ has designed this swivel recliner chair brilliantly well, wrapped in polyester upholstery with a roll arm design and high-quality foam fillings in cushions, ensuring nothing but a great relief to your stress-stricken body after a tiring day. With the dimensions-30.3 “W x 31.4” D x 38 “H, it measures about 67 inches long when fully reclined; relatively more than other recliners, make sure you have the space to accommodate it well.

The most vital feature and perhaps the biggest plus with this recliner chair is its chair; the super-soft chair aims to provide you extra coziness and a decent level of comfort. It is filled in a peculiar way that helps you with lumbar and feet support well. ANJ offers a durable one-year warranty with this swivel recliner with a thick backrest and a steady and durable metal frame!


  • Extremely comfortable seat
  • Very soft armrests
  • Durable metal frame


  • The recliner is not suitable for people weighing more than 250 pounds
  • Cleaning the stains will be tough

3. Furniwell Swivel Recliner Chair 

Massage Leather Living Room Chair
Furniwell Recliner Chair

No recliner could ever touch the extreme level of comfort this recliner, under the brand name Furniwell offers at an affordable price range. A large-sized headrest along with a padded back and cushion makes sure to relax your back muscles to a great sense and provides them extreme relief. This recliner also features massage functions. The 5-mode adjustment, two different vibration intensities, and 8-point massage give you a fantastic overall healing experience. You are all set to lay back, leaving all the things aside after turning on the footrest. You will feel an altogether unimaginable level of comfort and an enriching experience to energize your body. 

The recliner features 360 degrees swivel functionalities, and you get around 140 degrees of reclining. With the product dimensions- 35” (L) x 34” (W) x 42” (H), this has to be one of the easiest recliners to assemble. With no screws needed during setup, it won’t take you anything more than few minutes to get the recliner out of the box and have it ready to go. 


  • Four side pockets
  • Very easy to install
  • Comes with a double cup holder


  • The footrest might be harder to close

4. Lane Home Furnishings Soft Touch Swivel Recliner

Lane Home Furnishings Soft Touch Swivel Recliner

Lane Home Furnishing’s been producing high-end recliners has over a century. It’s an old and reputed brand that offers this premium swivel recliner made with soft leather upholstery. The recliner is equipped with thickly padded arms and a back with two pillows. It offers you extreme durability with the heavy-duty hardwood frame and steel reclining mechanism. The ergonomic zero gravity design of the recliner provides a better sitting position and support to your body, helping to reduce stress to a great level.

The recliner is available in four vibrant colors, and you can easily find a color to match your home décor. The seat has a depth of 24 inches, which is perfect for people above 6ft as well. It occupies a lot of space and weighs more than a hundred pounds, making it a bit difficult to move around. However, the solid and heavy-duty construction can easily support more than 500 pounds of weight. Overall, this mid-budget swivel recliner is a challenging alternative to other premium recliners that costs thousands of dollars.


  • Made in the USA
  • High-quality leather upholstery
  • Solid hardwood and steel construction
  • Weight capacity of more than 500 pounds


  • Assembly could be a little tricky

5. Amazon Brand – Ravenna Home Pull Recliner with 360-Degree Swivel Glider 

Ravenna Home Pull Recliner
Ravenna Home Pull Recliner

Being powered by Amazon, you are sure at getting a very sub-ideal recliner from their very own brand- Ravenna Home! With the dimensions- 32.3 “W x 39.4” D x 40.9 “H, this swivel recliner features microfiber upholstery, hardwood frame, and d foam padding to ensure utmost satisfaction while you lay down on this chair. This chair is a modern-tech recliner with 360 degrees swivel functions and excellent reclining capabilities.

With the look of a comforting recliner, this chair looks good and is relatively compact. For people running low on space, this swivel recliner could be a blessing in disguise. The cushioning on the chair is an absolute delight to your body, a level of relief that we could not put to justice in words. Extremely easy to assemble, even someone unfamiliar with recliners can easily install this recliner in about fifteen minutes! Even though being an Amazon band speaks volumes about the quality of this recliner, Amazon does feature a durable one-year extended warranty, just in case!


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Extremely comfortable seat
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for tall people

6. 33” Wide Manual Swivel Standard Recliner with Ottoman

Wide Manual Swivel Recliner
Wide Manual Swivel Standard Recliner

Built on sturdy and classy-looking leather, this recliner chair by Latitude Run is specifically designed to deliver an unbelievable experience of comfort to lighten up your exhausted body after a tiresome day. Even though this recliner lies more or less in the budget range, Latitude Run manages to beat most of the biggies in the market with the convenience and relief it offers. The armrests, with very sturdy comforting fillings, give it a nice feeling. Along with the 360 degrees swivel features, Latitude RUN also features a lever that lets you adjust the recliner as per your choice. 

The quality of the chair is impeccable, and cleaning is spot-on; you don’t need to worry about the spilled food, all of that could be cleared within a few seconds with a damp cloth. The wooden base, along with the floor protecting glides, accounts for better durability. The lumbar support isn’t too flattering, but the headrest with this recliner is one of the best I’ve ever put myself on. With the freedom to infinitely adjust the position of the recliner as per your choice, there is no reason this chair could ever disappoint you.


  • Not wide enough
  • Infinite adjustments
  • Very easy to clean


  • Assembly might be a bit complex, might require professional assistance

7. Charlton Home Manuel Swivel Standard Recliner

Wide Manual Swivel Standard Recliner
Wide Manual Swivel Standard Recliner with Ottoman

With the very comfortable integrated headrest and amazing armrests, you can very well forget about your stress after sending few minutes into this chair. Built on soft and comforting leather upholstery, you are sure set to have years of relieving your daily infuriation after laying down on this chair. Being a luxurious chair, it still manages to lie in the super-competitive affordable list; and even stand out as the best seller! Charlton Home features a 360 degrees swivel seat, coupled with the knob below the right-hand armrest, letting you adjust the recliner into infinite adjustments as per your choice.

With the leather upholstery, you acquire a very sturdy and durable wave of comfort onto the seat, filled with fire retardant foam. The seat depth of nineteen inches is way above decent, and the support you get on your back might not be most relieving due to the absence of lumbar support, but it is still quite good. Overall, it’s an excellent swivel recliner being in a very affordable price range. The leather look on this recliner should be convincing enough to make it your top pick.


  • Thick-Padded arms
  • Great recline mechanism
  • Dealing with spills is very easy


  • No lumbar support

8. Harvey Swivel Recliner

harvey swivel recliner

Being the most premium recliner on the list, this recliner is more than just a recliner. It won’t be an exaggeration to categorize this recliner as an artistically crafted piece. Built on very durable Crypton fabric along with the 360-degree swivel functioning and gliding mechanism for letting you adjust to different positions easily as per your comfort, this recliner gives you an exclusive unearthly heavenly feel. At the same time, you recline back after an exhausting day. The solid frame laminate doubt hardwood gives it lasting strength and durability for years to come. 

The unevenly filled, high-quality cushioning on the seat lets you sink in yourself into the deeply comforting and relieving slumber. The backrest and headrest, sustained by flexible webbing, on this recliner are of impeccable quality. The fiber upholstery is exceptionally soft, very easy to clean. It is built on the stain, odor, and even moist resistant technology, making it unaffected with the stuff most affordable-range recliners fall prey to. It’s your decision if you are willing to spend a bomb on a recliner, but if money isn’t a constraint, there is nothing better possibly than this currently in the stores!


  • Uses the most premium materials
  • Amazing fiber upholstery
  • Extremely durable


  • Expensive

9. Neoma Manual Swivel Standard Recliner

Neoma Manual Swivel Standard Recliner

Built on highly durable Faux leather upholstery, this swivel recliner from Neoma delivers exceptional high-degree comfort with a very sturdy solid frame, ensuring durability for the years to come. The armrests on the sideways coupled with the 360 degrees swivel recline function make it one of the most highly reliving recliners currently in the affordable budget range. Seat width of 19.75” and a seat depth of 22”, the king-sized look of this recliner will add a lot of value to the room you put it in. 

The moment you suspend your body down to this recliner, you will feel a very distinct feel on the backrest. The Polyurethane Foam fillings on the seat and back make sure to deliver an impeccable amount of relief to your back with a very comfortable backrest. Though there aren’t many add-ons, such as cup holders or even tray holders, the performance of the recliner makes up for every negative and makes it one of the best swivel recliners currently in the market!


  • Extremely durable Faux leather build
  • Affordable
  • High-quality foam fillings


  • Lacks a lot of add-ons

10. DaVinci Piper Upholstered Recliner

Swivel Glider in Navy
DaVinci Piper Upholstered Recliner and Swivel Glider in Navy

DaVinci’s premium upholstered recliner is a perfect pick if you’ve got a newborn at your home. This certified product is known for its low chemical emission and provides a fresh and healthy environment for your little one. The major highlight of this recliner is its high backrest that offers effective neck support as well. It is upholstered with premium polyester fabric that is soft and durable. The build quality of the product is exceptional considering the low price tag. The seat has a height of 20 inches, and the recliner weighs just about 55 pounds, making it easier to move.

With a 360° swivel mechanism and a sturdy metal base, it’s easier to feed or sing your baby to sleep. It’s also possible to glide front or back with this recliner. Unlike many other swivel recliners, the reclining mechanism on this product is covered with a plush leg rest from the front. You can open the thickly padded leg rest to lay back and relax for hours. It’s a perfect recliner for both short or tall users. Overall, it’s an exceptional budget recliner for people not looking to spend a lot of money.


  • Perfect for parents with newborns
  • Low chemical emission
  • Lightweight, easy to move around
  • Hidden reclining mechanism


  • Not a lot of exclusive features

Things to consider when buying a swivel recliner

  • Price

It’s essential to realize that recliners are much more than just fabric chairs. These chairs are supposed to support your back and give you a seat. Recliners are incredibly comfortable, supportive, and durable. The technicalities and the thought process into manufacturing come up with a good amount of money, something you should be willing to shell out for yourself. Even though you are likely to get a decent swive recliner in the budget range, the high-end premium ones are worth checking out! Having a little flexible budget in your head will help you sort out few picks from the tons of recliners in many price ranges.

  • Ergonomics

Assuming you are not an anti-social person or living alone, you will not be the only person that will ever sit on your recliner. Recliners are supposed to be built, supporting all kinds of heights and weights with few upper-lower end exceptions. Still, they should always be proportionate enough to offer decent comfort and relief for all body types. Lower lumbar support, leg support, head support area are a few of the crucial factors a normal buyer tends to ignore, and even the fanciest of the recliners lack on. Make sure to have these things in your head to ensure you are not dissatisfied with your recliner.

  • Size

It’s of utmost priority to consider the space you would accommodate or be comfortable with a recliner occupying your room. Often, a merry-looking recliner in the picture turns out to be too huge to fit inside the room and results in disappointment. To prevent such peculiar situations, you should have a correctly measured range in your head and the dimensions of the recliner to consider. 

  • Material 

Even though recliners come in different sizes and colors- the overall feel of a recliner is utterly dependent on the material it is built on. Most people prefer to opt for the Fabric recliners, citing the extreme comfort, which makes it very relaxing after a tiresome day. But one big downside with fabric recliners is the hassle of cleaning them. Every time you spill something by mistake, you have to deal with the stain with the help of a spot-remover. There’s where Leather recliners beat the fabric ones. With no difficulties on the cleaning part, leather recliners offer a very classy-premium look to your room!

  • Features and Accessories 

Having add-ons to a recliner is a very subjective thing. I mean, who won’t love a glass holder, or a tray table, perhaps a phone holder. But it’s totally up to you as you shouldn’t be looking out for such features if you don’t need them, as they might cost you a few more hundred dollars in most cases. Although, lumbar, head, and neck pillow are worth spending more on a recliner.

Final Words

Recliners have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years. But the primary purpose of these chair types remains the same. An ideal swivel recliner should seat you comfortably by providing a high backrest and a footrest. These chairs can be set at different angles for various sitting positions. We’ve shortlisted some of the best swivel recliners to buy in 2021 that offer great value for your money.

Ultimately, I recommend you to check out Harvey Swivel Recliner if you’re willing to spend on a premium swivel recliner that lasts for years and delivers extreme comfort. It’s also backed with an exclusive 10-year warranty that manifests the quality of this product. For people with a mid-to-low budget, it’s recommended to check out Comahoma or Furniwell leather swivel recliners as they are equipped with a lot of convenient accessories like a massager, cup holder, or side pockets. We hope our buying guide helped you find an ideal swivel recliner for your home.


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