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Best Outdoor Recliners of 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

What could be more comfortable than this? You are relaxing in your favorite recliner while watching television. You drift off to sleep. However, did you know that the type and quality of recliner you sit in plays a key role in your ability to relax yourself to sleep? The wrong recliner could keep you awake for several hours while you are in discomfort. The wrong recliner could even give you a bad back. If you wanted to know all about outdoor recliners, this article is for you!

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Recliner Anyway?

“What’s the use of an outdoor recliner anyway? Wouldn’t a long couch or big chair be enough to relax in?” Ah, yes, that’s where you’re dead wrong! Outdoor recliners are also referred to as zero gravity chairs and patio chairs.

For one thing, outdoor recliners can help strengthen your back. What’s the secret? Well, it redistributes your body weight to your legs and throughout your body. This gets rid of a lot of pressure from your body. It’s the extra weight and pressure that cause back pain. Indeed, an outdoor recliner that provides good back support may actually do your body some good. The same is true of zero gravity chairs and patio chairs.

The Eight Best Outdoor Recliners on The Market

You’re about to learn what the eight best outdoor recliners on the market are. You’ll also know what it is about these recliners that earn them the ‘first place’ position!

1. Phi Villa Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Patio Foldable Adjustable Reclining with Cup Holder
Patio Foldable Adjustable Reclining with Cup Holder

You can use this zero gravity chair anywhere outdoors that you want. What you’ll love the most about this lounge chair is that it’s well made and designed. It’s also made out of some of the strongest and sturdiest materials known to man! Its Oxford fabric and stainless steel frame indeed put in a class of its own. But there are other things that you’ll love about this lounge chair:

Why It’s Among the Creme De La Creme Of Lounge Chairs?

·        It Has A Great Lock Catch

It’s the lock that secures this chair in place. This chair comes in three different colors:  blue, grey, and red. The lock is very easy to use. All you have to do is pull it back and then secure it.

·        The Seat and Back Have Padding.

Let’s face it; it’s the padding that makes you feel comfortable when you relax in an outdoor recliner. This recliner offers extra support and comfort by using a unique support system. Its padding is suspended by a secure double bungee system. You can fully relax by placing your glass of lemonade in the chair’s built-in cup holder.

·        It Has The Perfect Length-Width-Height Ratio

Its length is 25.59 inches, its width is 35.43 inches, and its height is 44.09 inches. This makes it perfect for anyone to sit back and relax in this recliner no matter what their body size.

·        Comes Fully Assembled

Now, you don’t have to spend hours fumbling through the hard-to-read instructions manual to put this chair together. It comes fully assembled.


·        Customer Service Is The Best

Customers loved the great customer service that the company that manufactured this chair offered.

·        Stylish and Functional

According to customers, this lounge chair is comfortable to sit in and looks great in any outdoor setting.

·        The Comfort Factor Is High.

Customers felt that this lounge chair was comfortable to rest in for many hours.


·        The Locking Mechanism Doesn’t Always Work

According to some customers, the locking mechanism doesn’t always work as advertised.

2. Patio Watcher Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Patio Zero Gravity Chair
Patio Watcher Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

So, what makes this one of the top recliner chairs on the market? For one thing, it a cozy removable pillow. This translates into many hours of pure and uninterrupted comfort while reading a book on the beach! However, there are other reasons why you will love this chair.

This Zero Gravity Recliner Chair Leads the Pack Because:

·        Ergonomic Construction

The smart construction, design, and engineering that went into this chair will allow you to recline comfortably in many different positions. Also, it comes with a flexible locking mechanism which is great.

·        Comfortable Pillow

This recliner comes with a high quality, comfortable pillow that can be removed whenever you want. This type of pillow is so comfortable that you can sit comfortably in this recliner for several hours in the hot sun without having to worry about your skin overheating.

·        Perfect Length-Width-Height Ratio

This recliner is 29 inches long, 29 inches wide, and 44 inches high. It can comfortably accommodate any body type or size for several hours.


·        Attractive and Engineered Well

Many customers felt as though this patio chair was beautiful and brilliantly engineered. They felt that superior engineering was what made it very comfortable. It is equipped with a flexible locking mechanism.

·        Sturdy Design

Customers loved the fact that this chair’s design and support system were rock solid.

·        Extremely Comfortable

Many customers felt that lying back on this chair was so comfortable that they felt as though they were ‘lying on a cloud!’


·        Have a Few Weak Points

Some customers noticed that the chair had a bent tube. They felt as though this would compromise the chair’s excellent support system somewhat.

3. VICLLAX Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Outdoor Recliner
VICLLAX Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

What you’ll love the most about this patio chair is that it’s very comfortable. It has a huge padded back and seat that’s held into place by a fancy suspended bungee system. This translates into many hours of relaxation time when outside.

But Other Good Reasons to Buy This Chair Are:

·        This Chair Rocks It in Terms of Comfort

It’s pretty much comfortable.

·        Padded Seating

Every part of the seating is padded. This will provide your bum with extra cushioning and support. You’ll need this if you sit in a chair for several hours. The seat padding also takes the pressure and stress off of your back.

·        Adjustable

You can adjust the back of this chair in any position imaginable for up to 170 degrees. These positions automatically lock into place after you set them.

·        Fully Assembled

The chair comes fully assembled. Now all you have to do is put it on the patio in your backyard!

·        Frame Lasts

The frame is coated with a special powder. This prevents rusting. It’s also supported by reinforced tubing. This allows it to support many pounds of weight easily.


·        Excellent Build

According to customers, this patio chair has superior engineering and sturdy design.

·        Comfortable

According to customers, this chair is very comfortable to sit on, even for several hours. Folding it is easy.

·        Durable

Customers felt that this chair could ‘take a beating’ from a man’s best friend!


·        The Chair Can Fall Sometimes

According to some customers, the chair can spontaneously bend and fall though this is rare.

4. MFSTUDIO Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

MFSTUDIO Outdoor Recliner
MFSTUDIO Outdoor Recliner

What you’ll love about this zero gravity chair is its three-point support structure. This allows you to spend many long hours comfortably relaxing by the pool.

But There Are Other Reasons Why You Should Buy This Chair:

·        Spacious

The seat is thirty inches wide. This will adequately and comfortably support anyone’s bottom.

·        Sturdy

Its three-point support structure makes it strong, sturdy, and durable. The steel frame has a powder coating. This ensures that it will never rot or rust.

·        Locking System

You can lock this chair at any angle from 0 to 170 degrees. It makes for many hours of long and comfortable relaxing.

·        Fully Padded

The ergonomic design and full padding of the seats offer maximum support and comfort. It comes with a cup holder.

·        Fully Assembled

No assembly is required


·        Excellent

According to customers, the lock feature makes chairs comfortable and sturdy.

·        Great Comfort

Many customers felt that the support system and comfort levels are excellent for lower back pain.

·        Lots of Room

Many customers felt that these chairs are ‘roomy!’


·        A Disappointment

According to many customers, the chair can’t comfortably support taller or larger people.

5. Portal Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

 Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair
PORTAL Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

The sturdy construction allows for maximum comfort and support when sitting. It can hold many pounds of weight because of its brilliantly engineered bungee support system for padding. The cup holder can hold up to two glasses at once. But there are other great reasons to buy this chair:

This Chair Is Like A Sparkling Diamond Because:

·        Locking System

You can position the upper part of the chair at any degree from 0 to 170 degrees.

·        Can Accommodate Taller People

Its ergonomic design allows it to accommodate larger and/or taller people.

·        Many Uses

The back is made out of honeycomb mesh. This is interconnected with extensive, breathable padding.

·        Oversized Chair

This zero gravity chair has larger dimensions than most chairs.

·        Fully Assembled

There is no assembly required.


·        Sturdy Design

Many customers felt that this chair was comfortable and had a sturdy design.

·        Came Preassembled

Customers loved the fact that they could put this chair directly in their back yards.

·        Indoor and Outdoor Uses

According to customers, this chair was equally useful indoors as it was outdoors.


·        The Frame Is Not Always Reliable

A few customers complained that the frame suddenly broke. However, this was extremely rare.

6. LUCKYBERRY Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

Lounge Patio Chairs Outdoor
LUCKYBERRY Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair 

This brown zero gravity chair is great for taller people. However, there are other equally great reasons why you need to buy this chair:

This Chair Is the King of Zero Gravity Chairs Because:

·        The Right Size

This chair is the right distance from the ground.

·        Rotational

It’s possible to rotate this chair at any degree from 0 to 170.


·        Light as a Feather

According to many customers, this chair is lightweight.

·        Preassembled

Many customers loved the fact that there was no assembly required

·        Comfortable

Many customers with back issues felt that this chair provided the comfort and support that their backs needed to heal.


·        Bolts Come Loose

A few customers complained that the bolts did not always stay in place.

7. Ever Advanced Oversiz XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger

Outdoor Recliners
EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner

This chair is designed to accommodate taller and/or larger people. It’s sturdy and durable. But there are other reasons why you will love this chair.

This Chair Takes Comfort to A New Level, and We Love It Because:

·        Oversized

The length, width, and height dimensions are much larger than they are for other chairs. It’s 29.5 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 45 inches high.

·        Smart Design

This chair is ergonomically designed. This makes it perfect for comfortably accommodating larger and taller people.

·        Locks

The chair locks in place at any angle from 0 to 170 degrees.

·        Padded

The upper part and seat are fully padded. This allows for maximum comfort when sitting.


·        Heals Back Problems Well

Many customers loved the fact that this chair was so comfortable that it could easily heal back problems.

·        Durable

Customers praised this chair because it lasts for years.

·        A Portable Throne

Customers called it a portable throne because it’s portable and very comfortable.


·        Weight Claims Can Be False

A few customers complained that the frame could bend when larger people sit in it.

8. Keten Zero Gravity Recliners

Patio Folding Lounge Chair Recliners

It’s made out of Textilene fabric. This is a high-quality fabric that’s durable and comfortable. It’s also strong, sturdy, and durable. However, there are other great reasons to buy this chair.

This Chair Blows the Competition Away and We Love It Because:

·        Removable Cup Tray

You can remove the tray to have more space for comfortable relaxation.

·        Ergonomically Designed

The chair’s frame hugs the body.

·        Adjustable

You’ll have no problem adjusting this chair to any angle between 0 and 160.

·        Long-lasting

The chair is durable and will last the test of time.

·        Preassembled

You don’t need to assemble this chair


·        Comfortable

Many customers felt as though this chair was ‘easy to kick back and relax in.’

·        Adjusts to Wide Angles

Customers loved the fact that this chair really did live up to its claims.

·        Preassembled

Customers were happy that these chairs came preassembled.


·        Chairs Were Scratched

A few customers complained that the chairs came with scratches and were rusty. However, this was rare.

What A Good Zero Gravity Chair Should Have: Things You Should Look For

There are some things you should look for if you are looking for a zero-gravity chair.

  • It must recline. It’s not a zero-gravity chair if this is not the case.
  • Make sure it has an aluminum frame. This makes it great for indoor and outdoor use. It will also ensure that the chair will last for years.
  • Powder coating is a must. This ensures that the chair will never rust.
  • The locking mechanism must be strong, sturdy, and durable. It should have a metal locking system.
  • Make sure it has a side tray and cup holder.
  • Canopies are a must. This gives you the option of reclining outside when it’s raining.
  • The fabric must be of high quality. This is the only way you’ll feel comfortable when sitting in it.
  • Make sure that it has a headrest and pillow attached.
  • Don’t buy those zero gravity chairs with handles. These become hot in hot weather, and this makes the entire chair too hot to sit in.
  • Oversized chairs are better because they can accommodate more weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

·       How Do I Clean A Zero Gravity Chair?

For best results, vacuum the exterior and wipe the chair down with a warm and soapy washcloth.

·       What Are the Airbags?

These are bags that inflate with air at the push of a button. The airbags tend to allow you to rest more comfortably in the zero-gravity chair.

·       Are These Chairs Capable of Body Scanning?

No, most outdoor zero gravity chairs are not capable of body scanning.

A Zero Gravity Chair Will Do Your Body Good.

East or west, a zero-gravity chair is the best. After all, they combine the convenience of a regular armchair and outdoor recliner with the comfort of a massage chair. You will probably never repurchase another outdoor chair if you buy a zero-gravity chair.


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