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Want to Decorate and Style Your Coffee Table? 15 Easy Ways for You

Any living room is incomplete without a coffee table. We think a lot of readers will agree with us. Are you one of them? If yes, then keep on reading this article till the end. Well, coffee tables have been a staple of living rooms since the Victorian era. They are meant to make your room cozier and aesthetically more pleasing.

Your drawing room is where you watch TV with your family, host friends, and relax with close ones. When you have a glass coffee table in your living room, you will get some extra space to keep your reading material, remote, drinks, flower vase, and some other items. Above all, it’s a cozy place for you to put up your feet while relaxing or enjoying your favorite TV show. So, isn’t it one of the must-haves for your drawing room?

Where Should You Place Your Coffee Table?

The ideal spot for your coffee table is just between your sofa and TV stand. It should be about 15 inches away from your sofa set. Thus, you can comfortably put your feet up on the table. Also, there should be enough space between the table and your TV set. It would be best if you placed it in such a way so that your sitting room is perfectly balanced.

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table: 15 Best Ways for You

1. Light Up Your Table

Herb Plants Coffee Table Decoration
Lighted Floral Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece Decorative Wood Tray with Remote Control LED

Your small coffee table could be the center of attention when you decorate it properly. To captivate your guests’ attention, you can think about lighting it up with Lighted Floral Rustic Mason Jars. Comes with a decorative wood tray, these three floral jars with remote control fairy lights will illuminate your entire sitting room. They go well with your rustic home décor.

2. Add Colors with Flowers

Silver Decorative Flower Vases
Silver Decorative Flower Vases

Do not forget to keep a bright bouquet on your round coffee table to add more colors to your drawing-room. A sophisticated silver decorative vase paired with a stack of colorful magazines will add a floral flair to your living space. When you keep bright colored flower bouquet in your room, it will look not only great but also smell good.

A sturdy metal frame that acts both as a flower vase and candleholder is the best option for you. It will allow you to decorate your small table the way you want to – whether you want to keep fresh flowers or a lighted candle in it.

3. Place a Candle Holder Set

Creative Scents Schonwerk Pillar Candle Holder Set
Pillar Candle Holder Set 

Your living room tells a lot about your personality and taste. This is why; you should decorate it properly with patience. To create an elegant living space, pay undivided attention to everything – be it the couch or your marble coffee table.

To add a touch of beauty to your table, you can place a creative candle holder set. With an exquisite crackled mosaic design, a set of two candleholders will add aesthetic value to your room. To relax your mind, you can switch off the lights and light scented candles sometimes. Thus, you can enjoy your “me time” in your beautifully illuminated drawing-room.  

4. Keep a Fruit Basket

Foldable Rotation Fruit Basket

How about keeping a fruit bowl or basket on your coffee table? Does it sound interesting to you? If yes, then get a decorative foldable fruit basket and place it on the glass table. In this way, you can not only display colorful fruits but also keep them fresh. A stainless-steel fruit basket could be an awesome centerpiece decoration for your sophisticated coffee table in the living room.

5. Place a Decorative Serving Tray

Ottoman Tray for Coffee Table
Ottoman Tray for Coffee Table

A wooden decorative serving tray with coasters can add a rustic charm to your living room. This tray will surely go a long way on your elegant coffee table, made of wood. The best thing about this chic tray is that it looks good and is quite functional. Whether you want to serve food or drinks, this tray will be the perfect option for you. With a lot of space, this wooden tray will allow you to have your favorite meal on the coffee table.  

6. Go Green

Metallic Silver Drop Pot Planter for Coffee Table
Metallic Silver Drop Pot Planter for Coffee Table

To brighten up your boring table and keep your mind fresh, you can always go for a bit of greenery. Get a large planter and decorate your sitting room with some indoor plants like succulents. This is indeed a great way to energize your space with some natural elements. When you keep a large planter on your glass coffee table, you will not have to buy other items for decoration. Perfect for standing alone, a large planter with indoor plants will never fail to grab the attention of your guests.

7. Make Artful Arrangements

Modern Luxe Geomatric Art Sculpture
Modern Luxe Geomatric Art Sculpture

You can turn your simple coffee table into a genuine work of art by decorating it with a few exclusive artful objects. A metal three cube set is undoubtedly one of the best picks for you if you are looking for exclusive decor objects for making artful arrangements. This modern 3-piece cube set will allow you to accessorize your living room. Just grab these three metal pieces and place them together to beautify your home.

8. Style with Lampshade

Sea Blue Stained Glass Dragonfly Style Lampshade
Sea Blue Stained Glass Dragonfly Style Lampshade

Lamps will never go out of style, which is why they are considered one of the staples for any living room. This sea blue stained-glass lampshade could be your companion for the dark nights. Suitable for all elegant coffee tables with traditional style, this antique lamp will illuminate your darkroom. To give a classic touch to your home décor, quickly get this lampshade and keep it on your marble coffee table.

9. Showcase your Jewelry and Perfume

Decorative Glass Vanity Tray for Perfume
Decorative Glass Vanity Tray for Perfume, Jewelry and Decor

Who said a coffee table is only meant for keeping books, magazines, lampshades, candles, and flower vases? You can also use the space on your table to showcase your beautiful jewelry sets and lavish perfume bottles.

To keep your makeup, perfume bottles, and jewelry sets organized, you can get an elegant makeup organizer tray. A classy golden black marbling vanity tray will allow you to decently display all your jewelry, beauty essentials, toiletries, etc. Just place it on your glass coffee table and see how it captivates people’s attention so quickly.

10. Place Classic Board Games

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe for Kids and Adults

Wooden board games will be the best pick for you if you are looking for something that will help you decorate your place and entertain your guests. With a wooden Tic Tac Toe board game, you easily entertain your kids while enjoying your favorite TV series in your living room. Place it on your cute, small table and add a rustic touch to your home décor.

11. Make Some Room for Coasters

Vinyl Record Coasters for Drinks Retro Disk Coaster
Vinyl Record Coasters

To protect your glass table surface from unwanted stains and scratches, you can get a coaster set. Being a music lover, if you want to let your guests know about your passion for music, retro disk coasters will be the right choice for you. Vinyl record disk coasters that fit almost any glass, cup, or beer will help you decorate your table with elegance. They are going to talk a lot about how you love music.

12. Place a Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain
Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

With a relaxation fountain, you can not only decorate and style your table but also quiet your mind after a long hectic day at work. Place this decorative fountain on your table and enjoy its soothing sound while practicing yoga or doing meditation. You will feel relaxed when you look at it and hear the soothing sound. The light is there to create a soft water reflection. This artistic fountain will help you create a calming atmosphere in your room.

13. Decorate with a Modern Dog Sculpture

LXX1 Coffee Table Decorations
Ceramic Balloon Dog Modern Sculptures

Sculptures are an excellent choice for all homeowners who want to add some aesthetic value to their living space. With a modern ceramic balloon dog sculpture, you can easily style your round coffee table.

14.  Keep It Simple Yet Elegant

Schonwerk Walnut Decorative Orbs for Bowls and Vases
Schonwerk Walnut Decorative Orbs for Bowls and Vases

No, you don’t have to overcrowd your table with a lot of decorative objects. Instead, keep it as simple as possible. Go for minimalism and choose your items wisely. To keep it simple yet elegant, you can decorate it with a set of 3 orbs. Suitable for a coffee table, these three decorative orb balls can be put into a vase or bowl to add a touch of beauty to your place.

15. Add Flameless Led Candles

Flameless Led Candles Flickering

Want to create a festive atmosphere at your home? If you say yes, then we have an excellent idea for you. Why don’t you get a flameless led candle set and decorate your table with it? Sounds great? Well, then do it instead of blowing off this idea.

The led candles with fake wick and the moving flame will illuminate your small darkroom and make you believe that Christmas is not far away. Made of paraffin wax, they look very real and suitable for coffee table decoration, weddings, and Christmas parties.

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table: 5 Things You Should Consider

Let’s think about what will happen if you make a rash decision and buy a not-so-perfect coffee table for your living room. Well, it could impact your entire home décor negatively. Also, it could spoil the perfect symmetry of your room. So, if you want to avoid these unwanted problems, make sure you conduct thorough research and choose your table wisely. Don’t forget to consider the following things while buying this furniture.

·       Size

The first thing you need to consider before determining your table’s size is placement. Where are you going to place it – ask yourself. Once you get your answer, it’s time to take a proper measurement of the place. Get the one that fits your room perfectly. It should be 2 inches lower than your sofa seat or couch. The standard coffee table height is 18 inches.

·       Shape

Coffee tables come in different shapes. From rectangular to round – you will get many options to choose from. Again, before you determine the shape, you need to think about its placement. For wide areas, oval shapes go well. On the other hand, a square or round coffee table goes well with small rooms. Whatever shape you choose, it should complement your living space.

·       Style

Modern, vintage, formal, or informal – what style do you prefer? Pick up the one that goes well with your entire home décor. For contemporary modern home décor, you can go for a sleek table made of steel and glass. In contrast, a rustic oak table will go well with traditional or vintage décor. There are different styles to choose from. Just select the one as per your home décor.

·       Material

From wood, metal to glass – there are multiple options available when it comes to material. A metal coffee table with a glass top goes well with sophisticated rooms. If you want something vintage, then a wooden or marble coffee table is one of the best picks for you. They look classy in any room with a vintage setting.

·       Functionality

Another important factor is functionality. Why do you need the coffee table, or how are you going to use it? Do you need it just because you want to decorate it to enhance your living space’s aesthetic value? Probably, you want it for storing things. So, think about these matters before you make your buying decision.

Tables, these days, come with drawers and shelves, and they are perfect for storing items like magazines, books, watches, kids’ toys, etc. Besides storage, do not forget to check how much space the tabletop offers. There should be enough space for snack plates, drinks, TV remotes, and small décor objects.

A living room with a beautifully decorated coffee table never fails to captivate the attention of guests. When you properly decorate your table, it will add value to your living space. To impress your guests and also to make them stay longer in your sitting room, make sure you decorate the entire area, including your small coffee table, properly.


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