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Top 6 Lowes Nightstands to Purchase in 2021: Stylish Nightstands for Modern-day Bedrooms

A fully stocked and properly decorated nightstand is not, unfortunately, the way to sleep well at night, but in case you fill the bedside drawers with items that look beautiful and let you snooze agreeably, it cannot hurt. You may keep essentials like an alarm clock and table lamp along with luxurious sleep masks and oil diffusers – whatever you feel you will need before and after hitting the bed!

A nightstand is constructed to complete the entire appearance of your bed. It generates a sense of anchor when the bed is located right at the center of the room. Nightstands have impressed a large segment of the population, probably because of the substantial storage space. They at times act as the miniature version of your bed or other pieces of furniture inside the bedroom. Surf the net to look out for a Lowes nightstand that fits the bed and is eccentric.

The nightstand may allow you to perform a wide range of assignments much more effectively when working from home. On the nightstand, you can place your accessories and notes while your lap is preoccupied with the laptop. It has been an integral part of modern-day students’ lives who invest in nightstands to hold books and other materials. Getting into the workflow is necessary, and with minimal disruption, as everything you need is readily accessible, you can comfortably finish the project. Nightstands range from low to high price, but finding the perfect product for you within the budget can be a lot of struggles.

A Brief Discussion on Six Popular Nightstands

1. Night Owl Warm Brown Pine Nightstand

night owl warm brown pine nightstand

The night owl warm brown pine nightstand is a renowned Lowes nightstand that brings a comfortable appeal to your living room or bedroom. It features an exclusive four-port USB charging station that enables simple access for charging smartphones, personal media players, digitized cameras, and some more. The drawer and open shelf offer a substantial amount of space for storing and decorating.  The technologically friendly features besides a classic outlook are something you can depend on.


  • The in-built charging ports allow convenient charging.
  • The lower shelf is extremely spacious thus has immense storage capacity.
  • The convenient drawers are somewhere you can keep essentials.
  • The nightstand has four durable legs that offer balanced support to the belongings.
  • Made of solid wood, nightstands last easily for a prolonged period.


  • The dimensions are not ideal for all bedrooms.
  • The nightstand looks a tad cheap.

2. Jenson White Rubberwood Nightstand


Jenson white Rubberwood nightstand has impressed larger segments of the population. This transformational piece is an incredible iteration of the French countryside and features phenomenally crafted wood detailing on the legs and fashionable silver layers and pulls on the storage. It acts as a spontaneous retreat within the heart of rooms that are made of darker colors. Jensen nightstands weigh only 50lbs, so, can be transferred from one part of the room to another without any hassle.


  • It can be assembled easily.
  • Jenson white Rubberwood nightstands have an amazing appearance, so they are compatible with all bedrooms.
  • These nightstands are spacious and can store multiple essentials.
  • Cleaning the Jenson white Rubberwood nightstand is not at all difficult. You can wipe the dust off with a dry, soft cloth.


  • The drawers are not on the rails. They slide on the wood and do not look super smooth.

3. International Concepts Natural Rubberwood Nightstand


International concepts natural Rubberwood nightstand is perfect for individuals who appreciate bedroom furniture of top-notch quality with a graceful yet conventional look. This Lowes nightstand will successfully complement the décor of any house. The classic design can coordinate with the existing furniture of your bedroom and blend with your style. The powerful hardwood construction seamlessly stands the test of time.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • International concepts nightstands are sturdy and last for a prolonged period with little or no maintenance.
  • Every drawer has unique Euro glides, paving the way for easy accessibility.
  • You can style the nightstand as per your own needs and expectations.


  • Absence of quality control.

4. Lyla White/Gold Rubberwood Nightstand


Lyla white/gold Rubberwood nightstand is perhaps the best Lowes nightstand available in the market right now. The retro appearance is every designer’s favorite and can successfully spice up your interiors. Lyla nightstands are manufactured in line with the vintage paintings of an Italian gallery. Colored with bold black, the vibrant metallic accents of the nightstand create a profound impact on practically all the spaces. Two drawers incorporate substance to the stylish appeal.


  • Lyla nightstand can add a refreshing look to any house.
  • The black shine of the nightstand will act as a perfect accent, no matter what décor your room has.
  • It is crafted of iron and Rubberwood; hence, it can endure even the most adverse conditions.
  • The brand Safavieh has been manufacturing quality products that have an incomparable style for approximately ten decades.


  • The bottom drawer of the Lyla nightstand sticks out more than the top.
  • Lyla nightstands look odd beside a king-size bed since they are almost five inches short.

5. Amelia Gray Nightstand

HomeRoots Amelia Gray Nightstand

Amelia gray nightstand is an exceptionally exclusive nightstand that will create visual contrast in a room with classic interior décor. Apart from gray, this outstanding product is readily available in black, white, and cherry red finish. You will find multiple options that blend successfully with any home setting. Amelia nightstand features two drawers having a metallic center for arranging a couple of essentials in the room. The nickel handle assures the perfect touch.


  • The additional compartment in the lower area of the nightstand promises substantial storage.
  • The Amelia gray nightstands are an excellent accent piece that requires no assembly.
  • Amelia gray nightstands have a shabby chic design that goes well with all the interior decors.
  • Manufactured out of mahogany wood, this piece has a kind of worn-out look that is outright charming.


  • Some customers believe that the Amelia nightstand is not worth the cost.

6. Raina Gray Rubberwood Nightstand

Safavieh Raina Gray Rubberwood Nightstand
Safavieh Raina Gray Rubberwood Nightstand

Raina gray Rubberwood nightstand has impressed more significant segments of the population until now. It is an amazing display of contemporary sophistication. The three drawers nightstand exudes a sort of chic couture style. The Raina legendary Green patterns are paired with a sleek gray finish and elegant chrome hardware for unmatched aesthetic flair. Raina nightstand enables you to express your personal style without any sort of hassle.


  • The nightstand can add a refreshing look to all the houses.
  • The dimensions allow the nightstand to be compatible with all the beds.
  • Raina Gray nightstand is perfect for bedroom, living room, study area, man den, library, guest room.


  • Raina nightstands are not durable as the other nightstands found in the market. The paint tends to chip, and the wood becomes indented after some time.
  • The drawers are not too deep, and the construction is kind of alright.

Lowes Nightstands Buying Guide: Things to Consider

With various available styles and features, you might be confused about which one to select. Here are some essential attributes to consider to help you determine the perfect nightstand to complement your bedroom.

  • Height

You must get a nightstand as tall as the top of the mattress for a consistent surface and look at a usable level. For the beds with tall bases or mattress pads, find a tall nightstand to match. Low-profile nightstands look perfect with the short beds. Always place the nightstand a couple of inches away from the side of the bed to create room for sheets and blankets to hang over the edge and prevent any accidental collisions when sleeping at the edge of the bed.

  • Materials

The materials a nightstand is manufactured from will have a profound impact on the feel and style of the bedroom. A wooden nightstand with definite iron and brass hardware improves the traditional style bedroom, while nightstands having a glass or polished metal accents make a better companion of contemporary beds. Select a stabilized and more solid nightstand if you plan to support it with a heavy lamp or store bulkier products.

• Surface Area

The top of the nightstand must have sufficient room for an alarm clock, table lamp, a book, medications, and anything else that you would want within reach of the bed. If a nightstand accumulates varying items, pick a nightstand that has a substantial amount of surface area. You can use the entire space by incorporating photo frames, showpieces, paintings, etc.

• Colors

Coordinate the color of the nightstand with the overall color palette of the room. Remember, light colors reflect the natural light, and darker colors absorb the light. A white, metal, and glass nightstand can bring in a substantial amount of sunlight into the bedroom, while a nightstand of cherry red or black color is a sophisticated complement that tones down the brighter room to a great extent.

• Storage Space

Nightstands having shelves or drawers allow space for people to store all kinds of bedside necessities. Select a nightstand with several drawers or doors to keep the items that you do not use every day out of sight. You can also pick a nightstand with an open shelf for displaying a stack of magazines, books, or baskets that hold all the loose items. If you do not need excess bedside storage, there are sleeker options available in the market.

• Matching Pieces

An excellent way of creating the most uniform outlook of the bedroom is to purchase a nightstand as part of the entire bedroom set. This will help you curate a phenomenally matching look between the bed, nightstand, dresser, and other pieces of furniture. If you wish to mix and match the other furniture, use a complementary nightstand that ties the look together.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lowes Nightstands

Before purchasing Lowes nightstands, you must procure answers to the below-mentioned frequently asked questions.

1. What Kind of Finishes Do the Lowes Nightstands Have?

The Lowes nightstands are found in varying finishes. Medium, dark, white, black, light, metal, and mirrored are some of the finishes that enable the nightstands to enhance the visual appeal of any house.

2. What Are Some of The Styles of Lowes Nightstands?

Lowes nightstands are available in three definite styles. The contemporary nightstands have a chic look, and it goes well in houses with a minimalist interior. The transitional nightstands can transform in accordance with the house. The traditional nightstands have an ancient or rustic charm.

3. What Kind of Nightstand Brands Does Lowes Provide?

Lowes provides a wide range of brands. Among the lot, a few popular ones include Benzara, Acme Furniture, Safavieh, Home Roots, Manhattan Comfort, Goplus, Baxton Studio, Picket House Furnishings, Armen Living, Winsome Wood, Walker Edison, Modus Furniture, International Home, Brookside, and Sunset Trading.

4. Do You Need Lowes Nightstands on Both Sides of Your Bed?

Although there is no rule that you have to keep Lowes nightstands on both sides of the bed, most people love to keep two nightstands. Because it helps them create and maintain perfect symmetry in the home décor. Also, these offer extra storage to them. However, it’s up to your preferences, storage needs, and home décor, whether you would consider keeping one nightstand or two. 

Your Bedroom is Incomplete without a Stylish Nightstands

Human beings spend at least one-third of their lives in the bedroom, so creating a functional and relaxing environment must be pretty high on their list. You should have a comfortable bed and covers. Set aside enough storage clothes. Now, are you wondering what is missing? Well, of course, the nightstand. It is incredibly convenient because you can keep many items here, such as a glass of water, a paperback, a box of medicines, etc. A nightstand provides an exceptional finishing touch.

You must not perceive a nightstand as some glorified closet. A bedroom nowadays is incomplete without a stylish nightstand! They can hold lamps for late-night reading, a water bottle if you suddenly feel thirsty at midnight, a charger for your smartphone.


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